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Author Topic: Wisconsin 2013 Season and permit deadlines  (Read 690 times)

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Wisconsin 2013 Season and permit deadlines
« on: December 03, 2013, 07:07:55 PM »
Wisconsin 2013 Season and permit deadlines

A calendar of upcoming hunting, trapping and fishing seasons and permit application deadlines.

* Indicates date remains the same each year, except some permit deadlines may be extended one day if they fall on a Sunday or Federal Holiday.

October 31
 •Lake trout season closes on waters of Green Bay and Lake Michigan and their tributaries.*
•Deadline to purchase Lake Winnebago system sturgeon spearing licenses.*
November 1
 •Wild ginseng season closes.*
November 4
 •Woodcock season closes.
November 19
 •Duck season closes in the north zone.
November 2
 •Beaver trapping season opens in the northwest zone (A), northeast zone (B) through April 30 and in the southern zone (C) through March 31.
•Otter trapping season opens in all zones and runs through April 30 in the North zone and through March 31 in the Central zone and South zone.
•Non resident raccoon season opens through Feb. 15.
November 9
 •Mourning dove season closes.*
November 15
 •Trout and salmon fishing closes on downstream section of Lake Superior tributaries that remained open after Sept. 30. (see current trout fishing regulations for stream sections).*
November 19
 •Northern zone duck season closes.

November 21
 •Early archery deer season closes statewide. Reopens Nov. 23 through Jan. 5.
•Fall turkey hunting season closes.  Fall turkey season extension reopens in zones 1-5, on Dec. 2 and runs through Dec. 31.
•Fall crow season closes.
November 22
 •It is illegal to hunt with a firearm or bow the day before the gun deer season opens, except for waterfowl hunting or hunting on licensed game farms or shooting preserves, or within the CWD management zone.
November 23
 •Regular gun deer season open through Dec. 1.
•Late archery season opens through Jan. 5.
November 30
 •Muskellunge season closes.*
•Turtle season closes. *
December 1
 •Regular gun deer season closes.
•Lake trout season on Lake Superior opens, through Sept. 30.*
•Southern and Mississippi River zone duck seasons close.
December 2
 •Muzzleloader deer season opens, through Dec. 11.
•Fall turkey season extension opens in zones 1-5, through Dec. 31.
December 8
 •Ruffed grouse season closes in the zone B.*
December 10
 •Spring turkey permit application deadline.*
•Application deadline for bear hunting kill permit.*
December 11
 •Muzzleloader deer season closes.
•Bobwhite quail season closes.
December 12-15
 •Antlerless-only firearm hunt in Herd Control and CWD management units.

December 16
 •Canada goose seasons close in the North Exterior Zone.
•Horicon zone Canada goose hunting periods 2 closes.
•Canada goose season closes in the North Exterior Zone.
December 24
 •Holiday firearm season in CWD management zone through Jan. 5 (Earn-a-buck).
December 25
 •Bobcat hunting and trapping season closes in Period 1.
December 26
 •Period 2 hunting and trapping season for bobcat north of Hwy. 64 through Jan. 31.

December 31
 •Pheasant season closes.*
•Fall turkey season extension in zones 1-5 closes.
•Hungarian partridge season closes.*
•Fisher trapping season closes.*
•Frog season closes.*
January 2
 •Mississippi River zone goose seasons closes.
January 5
 •Late archery deer season closes.
•CWD management zone holiday firearm deer hunt closes.

January 18
 •Winter crow season opens, through March 20.

January 31
•Squirrel season closes.*
•Ruffed grouse seasons closes in zone A (northern zone).*
•Bobcat hunting and trapping season closes in Period 2.
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