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Author Topic: Wild roaming cougar in Wisconsin  (Read 1247 times)

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Wild roaming cougar in Wisconsin
« on: July 20, 2012, 05:12:48 PM »
Buffalo County

 An avid outdoorsman, using a trail camera for the first time on recently purchased land in Buffalo County, came up with pictures of a wild turkey, a white-tailed deer and, surprisingly, a wild roaming cougar earlier this week A DNR wildlife biologist visited the site with a warden and confirmed the background vegetation in the photograph matched the site. In addition, the biologist found and identified cougar tracks on a small patch of sand in the area. While there have been several verified sightings of cougars in Wisconsin in recent years this was only the second verified sighting in 2012. A cougar was verified near Crandon in northeast Wisconsin on March 26. In all cases where biological material was available (hair, scat, blood) the cougars were identified as young, male, North American cougars.
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