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Author Topic: Thank You Wisconsin Deer Hunter  (Read 1610 times)

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Thank You Wisconsin Deer Hunter
« on: November 29, 2011, 09:19:41 AM »
   Thank You Wisconsin Deer Hunter
Dear Wisconsin Deer Hunters,

As I sat in the woods with you opening morning, and heard the first shots ring out, a special feeling of connection came over me. To be a participant in the annual deer hunt, its hard not to think about the generations that have passed the torch from one to the next. What a sense of pride I had to be able to pick that torch up with you this fall!

While that was a powerful realization, it was difficult to compare to the exhilaration of my first hunt. As a first time hunter I finally realized what youve known all along: The camaraderie of deer camp; the thrill of the hunt; the joy of the harvest; and being able to share these stories first hand with friends and family. On behalf of Governor Walker and the people of this great state, I want to thank you for being there.

What I mean by being there is when you decide to go deer hunting, you are there for your family, friends and the fun. As a mentor, you are welcoming new hunters, like myself, to the thrills and rewards of our lifestyle.

You are there for yourself. Nature-based experiences have numerous personal wellness benefits that improve your quality of life, not to mention the pursuit, the hunt and harvest.

You are there for all Wisconsinites. The contributions you make toward conservation by purchasing licenses, hunting equipment and memberships to conservation organizations are the foundation of wildlife stewardship that benefits everyone, whether they hunt or not. And your activities create a 1 billion dollar economic engine for our states economy, much of it in rural areas that depend on it.

Finally, you are there for sustaining our deer herd and our sport, your participation assures the overall health of the deer herd and the habitat in which they live.

I hope you had as rewarding a hunt as I did, and collected a few life-long memories along the way. I look forward to joining you in the field next year; thinking of those that came before us and welcoming the next generation into the fold.

Thank you for being there,

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