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Author Topic: The BEARS  (Read 1955 times)

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« on: January 17, 2011, 08:02:45 AM »

> Twas the Night after Christmas, and
> all through the house
> Everyone was stirring, even ex-Packer Aaron Rouse
> The fans were lined by the TV with care
> In hopes that a Green Bay win would soon be theirs
> The Giants were not nestled all snug in their beds
> Visions of Clay Matthews terrorized their heads
> Eli Manning in his helmet, and Tom Coughlin in his cap
> Were trying to figure out the Pack Attack
> At the NFL Today studio there arose such a clatter
> Brown, Marino, and Esiason were wondering what was the
> matter
> They looked at their monitors, quick as a flash
> To see Aaron Rodgers was starting for the Pack
> The sun was shining on the new fallen snow
> Gave the lusture of mid-day to Lambeau below
> When what to the fans wondering eyes should appear
> Coach McCarthy and his team, in their game day gear
> The players following McCarthy, so lively and quick
> The fans knew in a moment it was not dog killer Mike Vick
> Faster than the Giants pass rush the players came
> McCarthy stood proud and called them by name
> Now Rodgers! Now Matthews! Now, Jennings and Woodson!
> On Hawk! on Kuhn! On, Driver and Jackson!
> To the back of the endzone! To the lambeau leap wall!
> Now sack Manning! Beat Webster! Stop Tuck once and for
> all!
> As the dry air lingers before the game ball flies
> When the Pack meets an obstacle they aim for the sky
> So off to the corner of the endzone they flew
> If the didn't win the state of Wisconsin would be blue
> And then comes kickoff, the ball is in the air
> The fans at Lambeau stop and stare
> Webster, a corner, catches the ball in fear
> This isn't his normal job, that is definitely clear
> He is leveled to the ground by Slocum's special teams
> Leaving #23 wishing he had just taken a knee
> Manning, down after down, being thrown on his back
> Wishing to never again be victim of a Clay Matthews sack
> And on to the field came Green Bay's own superman
> Aaron Rodgers and his titlebelt, he's obviously the man
> His Eyes how they twinkled, his dimples how merry
> His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry
> His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow
> When he heard the fans at Lambeau yell GO PACK GO
> A wink of his eye and a twist of his head
> Let the fans know they had nothing to dread
> Down after down, play after play
> The Pack killed the giants, everyone yelled Hooray!
> Rodgers had a postgame interview with Pam Young,
> She asked them how they did it, how they played, how they
> won
> And Rodgers replied, "We didn't win by luck
> and next week we'll prove that DA BEARS STILL SUCK
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