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Author Topic: Alligator Eats Deer in Ky Lake! Huge!  (Read 14437 times)

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Alligator Eats Deer in Ky Lake! Huge!
« on: June 05, 2008, 12:31:47 PM »
Alligator Eats Deer in Ky Lake! Huge!

This alligator was near Monticello  and Beaver Creek, Kentucky near a house.   

Anita and Charlie Rogers could hear the bellowing in the night .  Their neighbors had been telling them that they had seen a mammoth alligator in the waterway that runs behind their house, but they dismissed the stories as exaggerations .. 'I didn't believe it,' Charles Rogers said. Friday they realized the stories were, if anything, understated.

This picture was taken by a KTBS helicopter flying over Lake Cumberland!  (For those of you who are not local, Lake Cumberland is about 50 miles South of Lexington )

Huge Ky Alligator Eats Deer

That has to be a HUGE gator to have a whole deer in its mouth!

Huge Ky Alligator Eats Deer

Kentucky Parks and Wildlife game wardens had to shoot the beast.  Joe Goff, 6'5' tall, a game warden with the Kentucky Parks and Wildlife Department, walks past a 23-foot, 1-inch alligator that he shot and killed in the Rogers' back yard.

Huge Ky Alligator Eats Deer
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