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Author Topic: Here is a story that will warm your heart  (Read 1118 times)

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Here is a story that will warm your heart
« on: October 08, 2015, 09:19:26 AM »
Here is a story that will warm your heart
My wife is a school bus driver and wile talking to one of her students he mentioned that he would like to go Bow Hunting but could not afford to purchase a Bow. She knew that I had a couple of old Bows just collecting dust and asked me if we could let this young man and his brother have a Bow to hunt with. Jarrod’s brother was home on leave from the service and they just wanted to spend some time hunting together. I said that sounds like a great idea.
After practicing with the Bow a few times the boys went hunting for a day and what happened is in the story below in Jarrod’s own words.

There's his picture! Ha ha and here's the story! "He got home from work, got changed and headed south of Eau Claire. He made his way out to his stand and settled in. He sat for about an hour hearing nothing but some squirrels and other wildlife. Grabbed for his phone and he heard some movement. He looked and it looked like he saw a nose and mouth of a deer but he wasn’t sure. He grabs his buck call and lets out a call! Then he sees a set of horns rise out of the brush and his heart starts to pound! He gives him some time to come closer and open up for a better shot when he sees another set of horns trailing right behind the 6 pointer. He sits quiet for a minute and they start to grunt and bump, then they start at it full force! So he grabbed his buck call and gave out a call and they stopped and looked and were still as could be just staring! They separated and the 8 pointer came closer, the dear was hidden behind a little brush. He let it fly and hit him right behind the shoulder! Ran for 20 yards and fell.
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