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Great Lakes Fishing / Milwaukee Fishing Lake Michigan Salmon Report
« Last post by mudbrook on June 15, 2017, 11:09:40 AM »

Coho Are Still King Out Of Milwaukee

By Milwaukee Wisconsin fishing charter Capt. Jim Hirt

The lake is warming and a thermo cline is setting up. The surface action has slowed and the temperature break is at 35 feet to 50 degrees. Rainbow Trout action has been best in the warmer water just above the break in sizes of 4 to 14 pounds.

All our action on Rainbows has been on Reaper Magnum Fish N Chip Silver spoons presented on 5 color leadcore or Slide Divers with 60 foot leads set to #1 with 35 feet of line out. 80 to 120 feet of water has been best with depths of 100 to 150 feet later in the day.

We have had some issues with wind and waves the last week and I had to cancel some trips. However when we could get out to the deeper 70-150 water action has been great.

Chinooks Coho are at or below the break from 20 to 45 feet down. We are still getting Coho on 6-inch flashers or OO dodgers with Howie peanut, small hair cut or Mylar flies tied 12 inches long. The Coho are steady with green or blue flies.

Reaper Magnum Fish N Chip, Peacock and Vulcan Magnum Silver Lizard, Silver Sky spoons on the downriggers are taking Lake Trout 8 to 15 pounds 45 to 65 down eighty feet behind the ball. The only place you will find Reaper and Vulcan spoons is on their web site at The wind has brought the temperatures near shore is up to 61 degrees on the surface and that action in has slowed. Start your trip in 70 feet of water and fish out to deeper water. Look for 52-degree or colder water. Our best presentations are planer boards with 4, 5, 8, or 10 color lead core and downriggers 30 to 65 feet down. Slide Divers are also producing set to #3 with 40 feet of line out. Our best speed was 1.7 to 2.0 mph. Have a great fishing season. Let's go fishing!! Jim charters out of Milwaukee, WI. with Blue Max
Charters. He can be reached at 414-828-1094 or visit his web site at
Great Lakes Fishing / Lake Michigan Outdoor Fishing Report - May 27, 2017
« Last post by mudbrook on May 31, 2017, 11:10:45 AM »
Lake Michigan Outdoor Fishing Report - May 27, 2017
In general, fishing reports will be updated once per week, usually on Tuesdays. This may change based on availability of reports and work schedules of field staff.
REMINDER - Anglers must carry a paper copy of their license/stamps while fishing on the waters of Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and the WI/MI, WI/MN and WI/IA boundary waters.

Green Bay Fishing Report
Southern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: May 27, 2017
Kenosha Co.
Ramp: Anglers reported catching an average of 10 fish. A majority of the fish caught were coho salmon, with a few lake trout, steelhead and brown trout mixed in. Anglers reported catching most of their fish on a dodger/peanut fly combo, but also catching a few fish on spoons and crankbaits. Most anglers fished between 170-250ft and fished their lures from 35ft down up to near the surface. A few boats decided to fish in closer to the shore. Two of the boats fished in 50ft of water. One caught a three person limit of mostly coho salmon, and the other caught two coho salmon. The third boat that fished in close stayed in 25-35ft and caught 3 coho salmon. Anglers reported catching more fish in the morning hours.
Pier: Two steelhead and one coho salmon were reported caught from the pier this week. One of the steelhead and the coho salmon were reported caught on an alewife on the bottom. The other steelhead was reported caught on an orange and gold spoon. The water temperature was 53F.
Shore: Only one fish was reported caught this week. The angler caught a steelhead in the harbor on a live alewife under a bobber. The water temperature was 54F.
Racine Co.
Ramp: Anglers caught an average of 7 fish per boat this past week. Most of the fish caught were coho salmon, with a few lake trout and steelhead mixed in. Most of the fish were caught in 130ft-210ft, and a couple of lake trout and one coho was reported caught in 50ft. Most of the anglers trolled their lures from 30ft down up to near the surface. The fish were caught on dodger/peanut fly, crankbaits, and spoons. The dodger/peanut fly combo was reported to have caught the most fish. The morning bite was reported to be the best.
Pier: Only one fish was reported caught this week. The angler reported catching a brown trout on a silver and green spoon. The water temperature was 55F.
Shore: No anglers reported catching any fish this week.
Milwaukee Co.
Milwaukee North: Large numbers of coho salmon, a few chinook, and large rainbows were landed on the Milwaukee lakefront but nearly all of them were caught a couple of miles offshore by boaters. Large schools of alewives were in the breakwall gaps according to boaters and shoreline anglers. The number of spawning alewives in the Milwaukee and Menomonee Rivers is tapering off. Seagulls were diving on baitfish from the mouth of the Milwaukee River to the Water Street Bridge. The catch rate for coho and kings on McKinley Pier has been low since May 18 when a cold front with heavy rain, strong northeast winds, and 5-7 foot waves hit the lakefront. Most of the baitfish disappeared after the storm with the trout and salmon following close behind. The water along the pier was cloudy/turbid most of the week. Alewives were easy to catch on the lake side of the pier before the storm. 4-5 coho were landed on the pier between 10-15 anglers on Tuesday morning (May 23). Two anglers landed 4 kings and 3 coho on the pier on Wednesday afternoon (May 24) while casting flicker shad crank baits, shad raps, and spoons. Only one burbot was landed on the pier between 15-20 anglers on Thursday morning (May 25). 2-3 coho and 2-3 whitefish (2-3 pounds average) were landed on the pier on Saturday (May 27). No fish were landed on the pier by 8:30 AM Sunday morning (May 28) between 15-20 anglers. The McKinley Pier anglers are waiting for steady west winds to draw more alewives closer to shore along with coho and chinook salmon. The surface water temperature on the lake side of the pier increased from 45F last week to 48F on Sunday (May 28). A couple of largemouth bass were caught in the Lakeshore State Park lagoons on soft plastic nightcrawlers. A large number of fish were swimming along the shoreline in the lagoons on Tuesday morning (May 23) according to one of the bass fishermen. 7-8 anglers were counted on the harbor side of Summerfest on Saturday morning (May 27) with none of the anglers reporting a bite. Only 3 anglers were seen on the Summerfest harbor on Sunday morning (May 28) with no reports of fish landed. The majority of boats out of McKinley targeted coho and kings in 140-200 feet of water between the TV towers off Capitol Drive and the water filtration plant. Approximately 35-40 boat trailers were counted in the McKinley parking lot on Tuesday morning (May 23). One boat (3 anglers) landed 14 coho while trolling flasher/flies 10-30 down in 120-160 feet of water and one king on spoons 50-90 feet down. Another boat (2 anglers) landed a limit of coho in less than an hour. A kayak angler from Illinois (with a trolling motor) landed 2 kings (up to 12.5 pounds) and 3 coho on Tuesday morning while trolling a #9 golden orange flicker shad crankbait, a thunderstick crankbait, and a spoon on 2 color lead core in 40-90 feet of water straight out from McKinley. One of the McKinley boaters has been using single, barbless hooks on his peanut flies and spoons in order to prevent injury to smaller released fish. Only 3 boat trailers were counted in the McKinley parking lot Thursday morning due to northeast winds and 3-4 foot waves. The McKinley ramp parking lot was filled to capacity (over 100 boat trailers) early Saturday morning (May 27) and the lot was closed. Boaters trying to get in were redirected to the Riverfront, South Shore, and Bender ramps. Nearly every boat interviewed at the McKinley ramp on Saturday caught limits of fish (mostly coho along with a few kings and large rainbows). 38 boat trailers were counted in the McKinley lot on Sunday morning (May 28). One boat (3 anglers) landed 13 coho and 2 kings within 2 hours early Sunday morning while trolling flashers, dodgers, flies, and a meat rig stuffed with sliced herring in 200 feet of water.
Milwaukee South: The fishing pressure and catch rate on the shoreline has been low over the past 2-3 weeks. The majority of the alewives were still offshore along with most of the trout and salmon. The fishing area under the Hoan Bridge by Jones Island is still closed due to overhead construction work and painting. The area under the bridge will reopen to fishermen by early August of 2017. Small schools of alewives and large carp were seen along the wall of the Coast Guard Station fishing pier. 2-3 anglers were interviewed on the pier during the week with no reports of trout or salmon landed. Small schools of alewives were in the mouth of the Oak Creek for a few days when the winds on the lake were relatively calm. 2-3 anglers on the Grant Park shoreline had good luck landing a few browns and coho while bottom fishing with alewives when the baitfish were in the creek. A few alewives and small carp were seen along the South Metro fishing pier on Saturday (May 27). 3-4 anglers on average were seen on the Oak Creek Power Plant fishing pier during the week and a few more on Memorial Day weekend. Anglers landed brown trout (up to 10 pounds) and a few small coho in the current on the lake side of the pier. Most of the browns were caught with crankbaits. A 16 pound carp was landed on the pier Saturday afternoon by an angler fishing with shrimp. Another angler hooked into a large fish in the discharge chute on Sunday morning (May 28). The angler’s rod was bent at a 90 degree angle as the fish worked its way into the lake. The fish eventually broke the line (10 pound test) after a 30 minute battle. The flow rate in the warm water discharge chute increased during the week. The water temperature in the discharge chute was 61F on Sunday. 25-30 boat trailers were seen in the Bender ramp parking lot Saturday morning (May 27) and 4 boat trailers on Sunday morning (May 28). Boats out of Bender Park targeted coho and chinook salmon in 140-240 feet of water with peanut flies, king flies, and spoons. Anglers fished the top 100 feet of the water column with 2-4 color lead core, dipsy divers, planer boards, and down riggers. Nice size kings (up to 14-15 pounds) were landed with spoons in 40-60 feet of water early Saturday morning. Some of the boats landed coho while targeting kings with magnum spoons. One boat (one angler) landed a limit of brown trout within 45 minutes on Monday morning (May 22) while trolling in front of Power Plant with flicker shad crankbaits behind planer boards in 25-30 feet of water. Some of the Bender Park boaters found freshwater shrimp in the coho that they cleaned. The boat launch at South Shore Park was closed May 25-26 due to asphalt work on the parking lot. Activity at the South Shore ramp increased on Saturday (May 27) when the McKinley ramp parking lot was filled to capacity. 17 boat trailers were counted in the South Shore parking lot on Saturday afternoon and one boat trailer on Sunday morning (May 28). The majority of boats interviewed at South Shore on Memorial Day weekend were pleasure boats. Construction work at the South Shore ramp should be finished in time for the South Shore Water Frolics (July 14-16).
Milwaukee River: Approximately .25 inches of rain fell in the Milwaukee area during the week. The flow rate at Estabrook Park decreased from 1460 cfs last week to 794 cfs on Sunday (May 14). The water level decreased from 3.51 to 2.83 feet. The water temperature increased from 56F to 63F. 4 anglers were counted at Kletzsch Park on Monday morning (May 8) and 8-10 anglers on Sunday afternoon (May 14). Anglers at Kletzsch Park continue to land smallmouth bass, rock bass, largemouth bass, and suckers. A group of 5 anglers had 5 smallmouth bass and one largemouth on the stringer within 2 hours of fishing on Sunday afternoon. The anglers had good luck casting tube jigs and 4” Kaitech easy shiner swim baits. Another angler caught and released 8 undersize smallmouth bass while casting swim baits. 3 anglers were counted at Estabrook Park on Monday (May 8) and 8-10 anglers on Sunday (May 14). Three anglers (3 brothers) caught and released 10 smallmouth bass at Estabrook Park within an hour of fishing on Monday morning. The anglers had good luck casting 3.5” long Strike King coffee scented tube jigs and Keitech swim baits. A large number of smallmouth bass and rock bass were caught and released at Estabrook on Sunday afternoon. Large schools of alewives have been stacked up below the former North Avenue dam for the past 2 weeks. Thick clouds of alewives hugged the shoreline as they swam upstream in the rapids above the former dam. Large flocks of seagulls were diving on the alewives as they swam towards the North Avenue Bridge. The fishing pressure and catch rate have tapered off on the river side of Summerfest since the perch season closed on May 1. 1-3 anglers on average have been targeting brown trout by Summerfest with shiners, fathead minnows, and soft plastic minnows. Two anglers landed 5-6 brown trout (up to 10 pounds) over the past few weeks with shiners and plastic swim baits. The browns caught recently have lost their spawning colors and are turning a silver/chrome color.
Menomonee River: The water level on the Menomonee River continues to fall. Less than .25 inches of rain fell from May 2-May 14. The water had a copper colored stain from 45th & State Street downstream to Three Bridges Park. Visibility was 2-3 feet. The water temperature increased from 56F last week to 63F on Sunday (May 14). There’s been very little fishing pressure at Miller Park since the rainbow spawning run came to an end around 3-4 weeks ago. A few suckers and schools of small minnows were seen in Three Bridges Park on the weekend. A large number of alewives have been in the river over the past 2 weeks. Seagulls and terns continue to dive on the alewives by MMSD and the Harley Davidson museum. Anglers at the MMSD fishing site landed bluegills (up to 9” long), a few crappies, and rock bass. Most of the fish were caught with nightcrawlers 3 feet down under slip bobbers. One angler landed 6 bluegills on Sunday (May 14) but they were in the 3-5” range. Anglers at the 11th & Bruce Street Bridge landed a few small bluegills with nightcrawlers on the weekend. An angler at 13th and Canal Street landed only one bluegill after 3 hours of fishing on Sunday (May 14). Nice catches of bluegills were landed with nightcrawlers recently at the Harley Davidson museum. The catch rate for brown trout at MMSD has tapered off over the past two weeks. Two anglers targeted brown trout with shiners for 3-4 hours at MMSD on Sunday (May 14) without a hit. This will be the last fishing report for the Menomonee and Milwaukee Rivers until the start of the salmon spawning run in September.
Ozaukee Co.
Port Washington Harbor/Shoreline: Fishing from shore has been fairly slow, but a few coho and even a Lake Trout have been caught from the South Pier. Alewives on the bottom or casting spoons in a variety of colors have been the baits of choice. North Pier is still currently closed due to construction of the new entrance to the pier. Water temperature here has been around 45 to 50 °F near the surface.
Port Washington Boat Fishing: The boat launch at Port Washington was a bit crowded this weekend with it being the holiday and fishing being fantastic! Many limits of coho were reported along with a few rainbow trout and the occasional chinook salmon. Anglers reported catches of fish from 80 to 250 feet of water with the best action being from 150 feet of water to 220 feet of water. Most anglers have been catching the coho on typical coho flies ran behind an orange dodger with an inline weight behind a planer board. The chinook have come on some trolling spoons or flasher/fly combos down 50 to 100 feet on down riggers. Surface temperature has been right around 50 °F.
Sheboygan Co.
Sheboygan Harbor/Shoreline: A few anglers tried their luck on North and South piers this weekend with some limited success. A few whitefish are still being caught with the occasional brown trout or coho salmon. Most anglers are using live alewives on bottom rigs. Water temperature has been around 48°F.
Sheboygan Boat Fishing: A few more boats had gone out this holiday weekend and a few have been doing quite well on coho salmon and a few rainbow trout. Boats have fished from 60 to 250 feet of water, with most boats doing well in 150 to 220 feet of water, with most fish coming in the top 20 feet of the water column. The bite here hasn’t been that good right out from Sheboygan, but a ways to the south, between the power plant and Oostburg. Coho flasher/fly combos ran high with inline weights behind planer boards have been the best. Water temperature here has been around 45 to 50°F near the surface.
Northern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: May 27, 2017
Manitowoc Co.
With very nice weather, fishing has increased significantly during the holiday weekend. There were many boats using the ramps in both Manitowoc and Two Rivers. Most boaters were able to catch 5 or more fish within a couple hours. Some boaters even caught 10 within a few hours. The majority of the catches consisted of mostly steelhead and king salmon.
Most of the fish examined had no fin clips, which implies they were natural and not planted. The steelhead averaged about 9lbs and also had few fin clips.
Salmon fishing has picked up this past week in both Kewaunee and Algoma. Early in the week anglers brought in mixed bags of rainbows, chinooks, and cohos. Flasher/fly combos in green or similar colors worked well for chinook, flashy spoons fished in the top 30 feet worked best for rainbows, and some anglers had success with red/orange dodgers and small flies for cohos. Anglers reported catches from 70-350 feet of water, with 120-180 feet producing the most fish. The northeast/east winds during the week made conditions tough and also slowed fishing towards Friday and Saturday, but things seem to be back on the upswing now.
Sturgeon Bay
A majority of anglers in Sturgeon Bay over the past week were targeting smallmouth bass, and throughout the week success fluctuated. Early in the week anglers were reporting between 10-25 bass per trip, but after the northeast/east winds that tally fell to typically 2-3 per trip. Anglers were first reporting fish on beds in moderate depths of water as of Sunday, with water temps climbing to around 57 degrees. Anglers also reported groups of smallmouth staging off points in the shipping canal, with most fish caught in the 2-3 pound range. The preferred bait of many anglers was a jerkbait or other crank or plastics.
A few anglers also targeted northern pike, and most folks fishing from boats only had a fish or two to show for it. No anglers reported walleye fishing on the sturgeon bay side of Green Bay. A couple anglers also attempted to find perch in the bay with no success. Shore anglers had a rough week due largely in part to weather and strong winds, but a few anglers up near Stone Quarry picked up a passing walleye, smallmouth, or northern on either a crankbait, jig, or live bait.
Anglers took advantage of the nice calm weather this weekend out on the lake and mainly trolling close to shore for Brown Trout. Late in the week anglers were doing well close to shore with limits for Browns being reported. As of Tuesday, May 23, a boat fishing off Algoma reported a mixed bag of steelhead and chinooks with good action early in the morning. Not many anglers were seen accessinrg the Ahnapee River or Stoney Creek this weekend and most anglers reported seeing very few Steelhead in the Rivers most likely due to very low water conditions.
Green Bay Fishing Report: May 27, 2017
DNR does not verify or guarantee the reported ice conditions, and anglers should proceed at their own risk. Please use extreme caution as conditions can change rapidly.
Great weather on Friday and Saturday made for a busy holiday weekend in County. Smallmouth have been the main target for most anglers. Anglers have seen numbers of fish on beds where they can find warm water in protected bays. These are mostly males and smaller fish that are making their beds in preparation for the spawn. The females seem to be holding in deeper water while they wait for the water to warm up. Look for deeper water adjacent to nesting areas. With generally cool water temps slowing many of the fish, fish can be found in various stages of the spawn. Water temps near Sturgeon Bay are in the mid 50’s and slowly decrease as you head north. The bait of choice varies by condition. Anglers have had success with a variety of baits ranging from hair jigs to stick baits. Shore anglers have had the most success in Ephraim. Rowleys bay has been consistently producing over the last month. Bass have been caught anywhere from 6 inches to 15 f.o.w. and where they are holding changes daily with the weather. The water warms quickly from the Mink River but changes quickly when wind blows in cool water from the lake. There has been no Salmon, walleye or perch action to report.
Chaudoirs Dock – Inconsistent success throughout the entire week with some boats harvesting more than 4 fish while others did not get a bite. There has also been a decrease in the number of white bass and freshwater drum being caught while out fishing. Most anglers interviewed were using flicker shads or leaches while out fishing for walleye.
Sugar Creek
- no trailers recorded
Rites Cove- no trailers recorded
Little Sturgeon Bay – Light rain and cooler temps kept some anglers home earlier in the week. Others that made it out had mixed success while fishing for smallmouth bass. Some anglers only caught a few fish while others came up empty. Later on in the week a mixed variety of anglers came out over the weekend. Night fishing for walleye has been consistent with all anglers going out bringing back at least 3 fish per boat. Bass Fisherman were having more consistent success with most boats catching at least 5 fish for a half days trip.
Sawyer Harbor – Similar results as Little Surgeon Bay. Poor weather earlier in the week led to inconsistent fishing across species. It had got better over the weekend with most bass anglers bringing in at least 3 fish for a couple hour’s worth of fishing.
Brown/Kewaunee Co. - Bay side from Sturgeon Bay area south
Metro Launch – Even though there was scattered showers earlier on in the week anglers still found success in their fishing trips. Boat fisherman were out targeting walleye with most catching 1-3 fish. Over the past few weeks there has been a steady increase in walleye harvested since opening day. Shore Anglers were mainly out to have a good time not targeting any specific species. Both groups caught white bass and freshwater drum while out fishing.
Fox Point Launch – Similar success to metro launch, anglers were targeting walleye with increased success from previous weeks. Boat anglers caught plenty of Freshwater drum and white bass.
Fairgrounds – Few trailers observed, no interviews taken. Shore anglers interviewed were not targeting any species in particular but they did catch freshwater drum, white bass, and Smallmouth bass.
Voyager Park – There were a variety of anglers out this week targeting many different species. White bass fisherman had a great deal of success with some anglers harvesting over 20 fish for a few hours of fishing. Other anglers had mixed success in catching catfish, common carp, and freshwater drum. The rest of the anglers were just out to have a good time. Other fish caught included goby, white perch, and yellow perch. Most anglers were using worm on the river bottom with a sinkers.
Duck Creek – No anglers observed.
Suamico – Consistent success from previous weeks with anglers mostly focusing their efforts on walleye. There has also been an increase in the number of northern pike being caught around here and genoas beach
Bayshore Park – No anglers observed earlier on in the week due to poor weather. Later on when the weather cleared, up walleye fisherman had a tough time consistently catching fish. Most boats harvested 1-2 fish for half a days worth of fishing. There has been a decrease in the number of white bass and freshwater drum caught compared to earlier weeks.
Red River Park – No anglers observed
Oconto Co.
Anglers fishing below the Dam at Stiles on the Oconto River are catching a few panfish and small mouth using crank baits and worms. The water is high and dirty and not many anglers have been observed. The lower Oconto River is producing some small mouth, pike, and the occasional walleye using a variety of baits. The best walleye bite is still out of the Mouth of the Pensaukee River in 4 to 7 feet of water trolling crawler/harness or stick baits. Small mouth are also being caught along the shore line between Oconto Park II and the Oconto Breakwater Park with tubes working the best.
Marinette Co.
Small mouth are being caught below the Dam in Peshtigo in and around the Silver bridge using crank baits and tubes. Walleye are still being caught in the lower Peshtigo River in the deeper holes using jigs and minnows and plastics fished just off bottom. The musky opener according to interviews was a bit disappointing with some follow ups but not many fish brought to hand. Fishing out of Little River has difficult due to changing water temperatures and high winds. The musky bite on the Menominee River according to anglers has been fair to good with a 54 inch fish being caught and released. The Menominee River is still running high and dirty.

June 2-4, Owatonna
Smokin' In Steele
Smokin' in Steele is a Kansas City Sanctioned BBQ Competition and live blues music event featuring professional BBQ competitors, ongoing blues music, children's activities, family bike cruise, 5K Fun Run, hot rod show, Kids' Q Competition, antique tractor display and parade, and lots of great food and beverage vendors -- a smokin' good time! Steele County Fairgrounds. 507-455-1428, 507-279-4015

June 2-4, Pine Island
Pine Island Cheese Festival
This year's Pine Island Cheese Festival features an amazing line-up of festivities including rides at Merriam's Midway, a Grande Parade, Miss Pine Island Coronation, Kids' Day, firemen's water fight, bingo, dick races, painting party, Pine Island sing/talent competition, canoe & kayak races, 5K Run, craft & vendor market, cheese, wine & beer gala, bar wars & live music downtown, and button & wristband drawings! Trailhead Park. 507-356-3378

June 2-4, Luverne
Buffalo Days
Buffalo Days festivities include a vehicle cruise-in, street dance, parade, and historic re-enactments at local cemeteries. And on Saturday, June 3, attend the Arts in the Park event with over 100 fine art & crafts vendors, local & international cuisine, free inflatables, Tae Kwon Do demonstrations, the Buffalo Chip Throwing Contest, and REFIT demonstrations. Most events at the Luverne City Park. 507-283-4061

June 3, Lanesboro
Rhubarb Festival
13th annual Rhubarb Festival includes a wide array of festivities including the Rhubarb Run along the beautiful Root River Trail, special produce and treats at the Lanesboro Farmers Market, free rhubarb games, rhubarb tasting contest, rhubarb fashion show, an educational zoo, a Story Tree, Rhub-Art opportunities, and music by The Rhubarb Sisters, Bandanas, Hubba, and Tom Schramm and the LPs! 507-467-2696

June 9-11, Morton
Lower Sioux Wacipi
The 40th Annual Lower Sioux Wacipi is a celebration of Native American heritage. This event showcases the music, dance and spirituality of the Dakota nation. In addition, enjoy fun runs, flag raising, the Grand Entry, and community meals. Wacipi Grounds. 507-697-6185

June 9-11, Fairmont
Interlaken Heritage Days
This community festival has a multitude of events packed into one weekend! Enjoy live music, the Borderline Cruisers car show, lip sync contest, hypnotist, Grande Parade, Kiddie Parade, street dance, Bouncefest, dick races, free canoe rides, pie & ice cream social, pork chops on a stick, and much more! Gomsrud Park and Heritage Acres. 507-235-8585

June 11-18, Montevideo
Fiesta Days Celebration
Fiesta Days includes a Fly-in & Pancake Breakfast, live music, senior & junior coronations, community picnic, kiddie parade, bean bag tournament, RibFest & Beer Garden, Fireman's Dance, and ?Grande Day Parade! 320-269-5527

Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

June 2-4, Edina
Edina Art Fair
The 51st Annual Edina Art Fair features fine artwork by 280 top artists from Minnesota, the U.S. and Canada, as well as live music by numerous acts, and great food vendors! France Avenue, 50th Street, and Lund's parking lot. 952-922-1524

June 2-4, St. Paul
International Gem & Jewelry Show
The International Gem & Jewelry Show is one of the largest exhibitions of gems, minerals and jewelry in the world. The show features one-of-a-kind jewelry creations, gorgeous wedding bands and engagement rings, exotic gems, beads, exquisite fine jewelry, fashion jewelry, estate collections and much more. This event offers convenience, selection, and value, all in one place. The Progress Center at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. 301-294-1640

June 3, St. Paul
St. Anthony Park Arts Festival
The 48th Annual St. Anthony Park Arts Festival brings together artists, musicians, art lovers, families and a supportive community. The festival features more than 70 high quality artists, as well as a community area, plant and book sales, art activities, good food and great music. The picturesque library grounds of the charming St. Anthony neighborhood. 612-564-2787

June 3, Minneapolis
AZUL - Wild Night
AZUL’s 6th annual Wild Night Gala is a night of fantastic entertainment, unique auction items, Zoomobile animals, and more. This is the wildest young professionals’ gala in the Twin Cities for a great cause: saving wildlife! Ages 21+. The Mansion at Uptown. 952-431-9200, 952-431-9500

June 3, St. Paul
Minneapolis/St Paul Mini Maker Faire
Maker Faire is a gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do. From engineers to artists to scientists to crafters, Maker Faire is a venue for these "makers" to show their hobbies, experiments, projects. It is the Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth, a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness. Minnesota State Fairgrounds Grandstand. 612-824-4394

June 4, St. Paul
Grand Old Day
Take part is Saint Paul's first rite of summer, Grand Old Day, featuring 30 blocks of fun! Highlights include more than 20 music acts on 7 stages, a giant parade, Family Fun District, Minnesota-Made "It's Local" District, Sports & Wellness District, lots of food and beverage vendors, and variety of games and activities. St. Paul's Grand Avenue from Dale Avenue to Wheeler Avenue. 651-699-0029

June 9, Prior Lake
Tony Bennett
Tony Bennett is a musician who touches the hearts and souls of audiences with his legendary vocals and charming stage presence. His long list of achievements, spanning over 60 years, includes 19 Grammy Awards, including the prestigious Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, making this artist a true international treasure. See him live on the Mystic Showroom! 952-496-6563

June 9-10, Chanhassen
Almost Paradise - 1984 Prom Night
Journey back to your '80s prom night during the time of big permed hair, loud fashion, giant bows, skinny ties, boom boxes, cassette tapes, roller skates and big puffy prom dresses! Wear your '80s prom fashion if you'd like and be part of the radical party as the band, made up of some of your “classmates,” play your favorite hits from '82-'84! Chanhassen Dinner Theatre. 952-934-1525

June 9-10, Winsted
Winstock Country Music & Camping Festival
The 24th Winstock Country Music Festival will feature Keith Urban, Little Big Town, Brantley Gilbert, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Locash, Tucker Beathard, Drake White & the Big Fire, Lindsey Ell, Ryan Hurd, Runaway June and Brooke Eden. Winstock festival grounds. 320-485-4287

June 10, Minneapolis
Northern Spark
Join tens of thousands of people and explore the city's great cultural institutions, play in temporary street installations, and enjoy experimental performances in green spaces and under bridges. Venues throughout Minneapolis. 888-676-6757

June 16-18, Minneapolis
Stone Arch Bridge Festival
Enjoy a full weekend of art and music on the Minneapolis Riverfront with more than 200 artists, concerts on three stages, the Art of the Car Show, the Stone Arch Beer Sampler, and Family Activities Stage. 952-473-6422

Upcoming Twin Cities' concerts and performances:
Diana Krall at the Historic State Theatre in Minneapolis, June 2
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers with special guest Joe Walsh at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, June 3
Rent (Touring) at the Historic Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, June 6-11
Willie Nelson, the Charlie Daniels Band, Bruce Hornsby, & the Noisema at Treasure Island Resort & Casino in Welch, June 9
Jamm Dance Company Present Jamm Nation at the Ames Center, June 9-10
Wayne Brady at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel in Prior Lake, June 10
Motown - The Musical at the Historic Orpheum Theatre, June 11-16
Celtic Woman at the Historic Orpheum Theatre, June 13
The Total Package Tour: NKOTB with Paula Abdul & Boyz II Men at the Xcel Energy Center, June 14
Seth Meyers at the Historic State Theatre, June 16
Demetri Martin: Let's Get Awkward Tour at the Historic State Theatre, June 17
Seu Jorge Presents The Life Aquatic: A Tribute To David Bowie at the Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis, June 17
Don Henley at the Xcel Energy Center, June 18
Bethel Music - A Night of Worship at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium at St. Paul RiverCentre, June 19
Adam Sandler: Here Comes the Funny Tour at Treasure Island Resort & Casino, June 21
Lionel Richie at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel, June 22
Tig Notaro with special guest Fortune Feimster at the Historic State Theatre, June 22
John Rogan - Strange Times 2017 Tour at the Historic State Theatre, June 23
Led Zeppelin 2 at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel, June 25
King Crimson at the Historic State Theatre, June 26
The Moody Blues: Days of Future Passed 50th Anniversary Tour at the Historic Orpheum Theatre, June 27
Dancing with the Stars: Live! at the Historic State Theatre, June 30
Journey at Treasure Island Resort & Casino, July 1
Ed Sheeran at the Xcel Energy Center, July 1
Tickets available through Eventful or Ticketmaster.

Central Minnesota

June 2 & 3, Hutchinson
Dairy Day Celebration & The Zeppelin Experience with Run Like Hell - Pink Floyd Tribute
Dairy Day Festivities at Library Square Park on Friday include a $5 lunch, cheese samples, cow milking contest, live music, tractor displays, children's activities, and more! And on Saturday, enjoy an evening performance of The Zeppelin Experience with Run Like Hell - Pink Floyd Tribute at the Hutchinson Fairgrounds. 320-587-5252

June 2-4, Richmond
Minnesota Homegrown Kickoff
This three day outdoor music and camping festival features stage shows by twenty regional bluegrass, old-time, and related acoustic music groups. Also enjoy workshops, food vendors, jam sessions, and a campground with horseback riding, boat rental, fishing, and a swimming beach. El Rancho Manana Campground. 800-635-3037

June 3, Little Falls
Families on the WW1 Home Front Tour
When the United States entered World War I, its citizens were called to do their patriotic duty and support the war effort. Costumed interpreters portraying the Lindbergh family and neighbors will provide insights into the daily lives of Minnesotans at home during the war. Hear inside stories about farming for the war effort, assist a Red Cross volunteer and learn about the ways Minnesota life changed during the war. Charles A. Lindbergh Historic Home. 320-616-5421

June 9-10, Nisswa
Nisswa-Stamman Scandinavian Folk Music Festival
Enjoy a celebration of Scandinavian and Scandinavian/American folk music in the northwoods. Performers travel from all over the world to come and play at this festival. In addition to performances by 150 folk musicians from throughout America and Scandinavia performing on 3 stages, there will be workshops, day-long dancing opportunities on two dance floors, dance instruction, a cultural children's activity tent, and great Scandinavian food, all under the shade of the majestic Norway pines. Nisswa Pioneer Village. 218-764-2994, 800-950-9610

June 9-11, Onamia
Onamia Days
Highlights of Onamia Days - A Walk Through History include Family Fun Show Carnival games and rides, Grande Parade, Classic Car Show, Demo Derby, Arts & Crafts Fair, street dances, Kiddie Parade, coin hunt, turtle races, medallion hunt, games, sidewalk sales, and much more. 320-532-3202

June 10-11, Milaca
Artisan Festival
Enjoy a festival celebrating artists, crafters and musicians with live music, awesome BBQ, artist demonstrations, and handcrafted items by blacksmiths, jewelers, glassblowers, flintknappers, woodworkers, and more. Hairy Mosquito Trading Company. 320-983-5240

June 10-18, Hutchinson
Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival
Started in 1942, the Hutchinson Water Carnival has evolved into a multi-event celebration. Enjoy fireworks, live music performances, a medallion hunt, Run by the River, performance by the Little Crow Ski Team, Miss Hutchinson Pageant, Grande Day Parade, Kiddie Parade, Painting in the Park, Kids' Fun Day, Queen's Dance, and much more! 320-587-5252

June 14-18, Perham
Perham Turtle Fest
Turtle Fest, Perham's large summer celebration, includes a parade, rodeo, turtle races, magic and fun shows, vendors, train rides, inflatable games, hog roast, live music, children's activities, and much more! Downtown Perham and fairgrounds. 218-346-7710

Northwest Minnesota

April 26 - June 17, East Grand Forks
Hope and Freedom: Mending the Soul by Christine Foster
Christine's artwork tells the stories of abuse survivors who have not only survived but have experienced hope and freedom. Riverwalk Centre. 218-399-0162

June 2-4, Fargo/Moorhead
Fargo-Moorhead Crossroads Contest Powwow
Enjoy performances by the nation's finest Native American dancers and singers competing at the 2nd Annual International Powwow. Designed to promote cultural awareness and expose the public to contest powwow, this is an opportunity to see and hear the different songs and styles of dance of the area's many tribes. Scheels Arena. 701-356-7656

June 3-10, Hawley
Hawley Rodeo Fest
Enjoy an entire week of events starting on June 3 with Breakfast on the Farm at Kasin Farms. Other festivities include Country Cowboy Church Service, horse show, pageants, team roping, health fair, and John Deere Day of Play. On Saturday, June 10, enjoy a full day of activities such as a 5K Walk/Run, vendor market & street fair, water wars, community picnic, bounce houses, pie & ice cream social, and kiddie & grand parades. PRCA Barnes Rodeo performances will be offered Friday and Saturday, June 9 & 10. Most events at the rodeo grounds. 218-483-3331

June 9, Mahnomen
Easton Corbin
Easton Corbin is one of the most successful new artists in country music. His traditional country sound, authentic lyrics, and mastery of understatement have propelled him to the top of country music. Hits include "A Little More Country Than That," "Roll With It," "I Can't Love You Back," "Lovin' You is Fun," and "All Over the Road." Shooting Star Casino. 218-935-2711, 218-935-2701

June 9, Fargo/Moorhead
Happy Harry's Ribfest
Enjoy award-winning BBQ ribs, chicken, corn on the cob, a petting zoo, carnival rides, games galore, and national acts performing on stage at the Fargodome. This year's performers include Collective Soul, Night Ranger, and Diamond Rio. 701-241-9100

June 10-11, Bemidji
Bemidji Bird City Celebration
Bemidji is Minnesota’s newest ‘Bird City!" Join the celebration and learn about native birds through programs and birding tours, and find out what local groups are doing to make Bemidji a 'bird-friendly' town! Lake Bemidji State Park, Bemidji State University, and Cameron Park Pavilion. 218-444-3915

June 17, Moorhead
Everclear "So Much for the Afterglow 20th Anniversary Tour" with Vertical Horizon & Fastball
It's been 20 years since Everclear released their 1997 multiplatinum smash So Much For The Afterglow, yet the album remains a beloved fan favorite, and continues to inspire new generations of musicians & fans today. Everclear is about to embark on a highly anticipated tour celebrating its milestone anniversary, with plans to perform the album front to back, including some tracks the band has never played live. Bluestem Amphitheater. 866-300-8300

Northeast Minnesota

June 2-4, Grand Marais
Northern Landscapes Festival
Explore the spring explosion of life and discover the birds, wildflowers, insects of this dynamic and rich northern landscape. Participation in the festival is open to anyone interested in hands-on learning. Field-focused courses form the backbone of the event with multiple evening and afternoon programs in biology, beauty and biodiversity. North House Folk School. 218-387-9762

June 3, Embarrass
National Sauna Day
National Sauna Day features guided bus tours of area saunas, sauna day conversations & tall tales, live music, games, door prize drawings, and Finnish food and goods. Nelimark Homestead Museum. 218-984-3012

June 3-4, Duluth
Duluth Air & Aviation Expo
The largest air show in Minnesota returns to Duluth on June 3-4, 2017 featuring the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and Canadian Forces Snowbirds. The Duluth Air & Aviation Expo, presented by St. Luke's, will be the first air show in Minnesota history to feature two major jet demonstration teams! Duluth International Airport. 218-628-9995

June 8-10, Grand Rapids
The Wizard of Oz Festival (At Judy Garland's Birth Home)
Come Celebrate the Wizard of Oz and Judy Garland with some very special events including a talent contest, Oz & Judy Jeopardy, high tea & music, Introduction to Oz by historian and documentarian John Fricke, outdoor showing of The Wizard of Oz on a jumbo screen, Dash for the Ruby Slippers 5K, and Emerald City Fest. 218-327-9276, 218-326-1900

June 10-11, Ely
The Great American Canoe Festival
Enjoy all things paddle, and celebrate the story of the canoe and paddles sports, at the heart of the Canoe Capital of the World. The Great American Canoe Festival includes symposiums, demonstrations, a family fun paddle, paddling classes, vendors, The Mighty Paddle Challenge Race, and much more. Semer's Park and other Ely area venues. 218-206-4702

June 17-18, Virginia
Land of the Loon Arts & Crafts Festival
The Land of the Loon Arts & Crafts Festival features hundreds of artisan, craft and food vendors in beautiful, historic Olcott Park. Start the morning with a good, old-fashioned parade, then stroll through pathways lined with unique, handcrafted items. 218-749-8161
Wisconsin Fishing / Minocqua area fishing report
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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

A constant change from rain, to a day of sun, to more rain, to hail, a
little sun, etc. etc...made for a difficult–to-follow fishing weekend. 
Despite being what it was, anglers reported pretty good fishing at

Crappies:  Good-Very Good  Stages were all over the board as anglers
were finding some on beds, yet others finished and some that may not
come in due to the fluctuating temperatures.  Once found the standard
small Crappie minnow under a float scored well.  Casting small jigs
(1/80 – 1/64 oz) with tiny tubes or small swim tails on twisters
working.  Small #0 Mepps worked outside spawning areas where staging
Crappies could be found, also effective for some big slabs.

Walleyes:  Very Good-Good Seems like daily shifts in location,
sometimes by as little as 2 - 3’ depth increments.  The changing weather
has a lot to do with it.  Minnows, leeches, as well as shallow running
(4 – 6’) stickbaits also effective when Eyes up in shallows of 4 – 8’. 
Deeper water anglers using chubs in 18 – 25’.  Most catches of “slot”
fish (20 - 24”) but a few “eaters” (15 – 20”) being caught on Lindy rigs
with chubs.

Northern Pike:  Good Swimbaits fished over 5 – 8’ weeds as well as
spinnerbaits (Boonies, Booyah) working best.  For the more laid back
approach, the ol’ stand by 5 – 6” chub or sucker under a float always a
good way to entice a bite or two.

Largemouth Bass:  Good Lots of shallow “Cruisers” on the sunny days. 
Smaller (3 – 3 ½”) swimbaits, shallow Shad Raps, #8 Husky Jerks and
X-Raps.  Not much for top water yet, but coming!

Bluegill:  Good  Best on sunny, warming days in shallows of 4 – 8’. 
Mini mite jigs, wet flys behind clear casting floats and Thunderbugs
threaded on a #6 Aberdeen hook.  Worms and small leeches won’t be denied

Yellow Perch:  Fair  Best reports were on warming days in flooded wood
using medium leeches or ½ crawler.

Muskie:  Fair Some sightings on spinnerbaits, bucktails and small
twitch, but few reports of hook ups.

Smallmouth Bass:  Good  Catch and Release only but showing up in the
shallows.  Work X-Raps, Husky Jerks and Rattlin Rouges along gravel
shore lines.

Water temps shot upward starting with last Thursday’s sun.  Some
Crappies moved in to spawn.  Smallies setting up.  Most lakes showing
surface temps of 58 – 62 degrees.  Cooler mid-week temps giving way to
70’s by week’s end.

Kurt Justice
Kurt’s Island Sport Shop

Gun Shows / Gun Show Watertown
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Gun Show

July 28-30 Watertown. Turner Hall 301 S. 4th st. SH: Fri 3-8, Sat 9-5 & Sun 9-3. Adm $6. 8' Tbls $40. Call Chad- 262-443-2278
Wisconsin Outdoor Report for May 11, 2017

Despite much of the state receiving at least some rain in the last week, fire danger levels have reached high to very high in far northern and northwestern Wisconsin, prompting Gov. Scott Walker to declare a precautionary state of emergency. People are urged to continue to use caution with all types of outdoor burning, ash disposal and equipment use and to search the DNR website for keyword "fire" to check on conditions and restrictions in their area.

Sunshine and warm temperatures brought out lots of anglers for the opening of Wisconsin's inland game fish season last weekend. Anglers took to inland trout streams and lakes, with trout fishing reported as excellent on some inland streams with water levels perfect for fishing. Some lake anglers reported water temperatures were still cool keeping fishing slower, but walleye anglers across the north and on Green Bay found good success with many boats coming back to the dock with fish. There were some reports of bluegills biting on area lakes and crappie fishing was starting to heat up on some of the smaller lakes in central Wisconsin

Fishing pressure on Lake Michigan has been low due to large waves and strong winds off the lake. Small craft advisories were in effect on several days over the last couple of weeks. The water along the shoreline was cloudy/turbid nearly half a mile offshore the majority of the week. Alewives have moved in along shorelines and some rivers and cormorants and terns were diving to feed on them at various locations along the lake. The Saturday opener brought many bass fishermen out along Door County but high winds influenced anglers to not stay out too long. Some still found success catching 10-plus bass for a half days trip.

Lake Winnebago system fisheries biologists reported that after a fairly short sturgeon run on the upper Fox and Wolf rivers this spring, sturgeon were again observed spawning at locations on the Wolf River in late April. Second runs likely occur annually, but are so short and never as large as the first so are not always observed or reported. This year it was reported and fisheries crews were able to capture and tag an additional 46 fish.

The spring turkey season is in full swing, with many turkey hunters successful so far this spring. Third period hunters reported modest early morning gobbler activity that ended abruptly about two hours after sunrise, then picked back up from late morning into early afternoon. Most hens appear to be on their nests, incubating their clutch of eggs, which averages about 10-12 eggs.

Sharp-tailed grouse have begun their mating dances seen in the early morning at Crex Meadows State Wildlife Area.

After a long stint of northerly winds kept the bulk of spring migrants at bay, the flood gates opened a bit this week, ushering in the first major push of warblers, orioles, grosbeaks, and more. Birders in southern parks and woodlands tallied 25-plus warbler species, while 13-plus species were tallied north to the Lake Superior shore. Orioles and rose-breasted grosbeaks are widespread now, with hummingbirds and indigo buntings less common yet. On Lake Superior blue jay migration is nearing peak with more than a thousand tallied in northern Bayfield County on May 10.

Spring beauties, large flowered bellwort, trilliums, bloodroot, dwarf ginseng, Dutchman's breeches, marsh marigolds, jack-in-the-pulpits, bellwort, trout lily and hepatica are blooming. A few morels are up, but experienced mushroom pickers say the weather has been too cool so far this year for the morel mushrooms to grow.

Wildfire Report

Statewide fire danger ranged from Low to Very High this past week; 45 fires burned 38 acres in DNR Protection Areas. Annual burning permits have been periodically suspended. The largest fire of the week burned 20 acres in Shawano County. The main wildfire causes this week included equipment, trash/debris burning, improper ash disposal and a couple power line fires. People are urged to continue to use caution with all types of outdoor burning, ash disposal and equipment use. Property owners are reminded to remain present when burning debris in a barrel or on the ground - should your fire escape, you can be held responsible for the cost of fire suppression and any damages resulting from the escaped fire. Clear an area around the pile or barrel and make sure a hose is attached to a working spigot. Wet down the burned area before leaving. Stay aware of the current fire danger for your area by checking our website:, keyword "fire". May 14 marks the fourth anniversary of the Germann Road Fire that burned 7,442 acres and 100 buildings (including 22 homes and cabins) in Douglas County.

Firewise Tip: Are there any branches or dead trees close to power lines on your property? Ask the power company to clear them. - Joanne Ackerman, wildland urban interface coordinator, Madison

Statewide Birding Report

Finally! After a long stint of northerly winds kept the bulk of migrants at bay, the flood gates opened a bit on Tuesday in the south and Wednesday statewide, ushering in the first major push of warblers, orioles, grosbeaks, and more. Birders in southern parks and woodlands tallied 25-plus warbler species, while 13-plus species were tallied north to the Lake Superior shore. Orioles and rose-breasted grosbeaks are widespread now, with hummingbirds and indigo buntings less common yet. Other favorites that have returned in numbers include house wrens, gray catbirds, and bobolinks.

Least flycatcher, veery, and red-eyed vireo arrived to the south this week. Birders there even reported some species typical of the mid- to late migration season such as black-billed cuckoo, dickcissel, and olive-sided flycatcher. Waterbird migration is generally waning fast but a daily watch on Lake Michigan at Harrington Beach State Park continues to see good numbers of red-breasted mergansers, common and Caspian terns, common and a few red-throated loons, Bonaparte's, glaucous, and Thayer's gulls, and other species. Shorebird migration remains fairly slow as well, though peak flights for these species, many of which breed in arctic Canada, is yet to come.

Northern Wisconsin
Farther north blue jay migration is nearing peak--more than a thousand were tallied along the Lake Superior shore in northern Bayfield County on May 10. Ruby-crowned kinglets remain common in the north woods, alongside increasing warbler numbers and lingering dark-eyed juncos, American tree sparrows, and even an occasional snow bunting! Lincoln's and white-crowned sparrows have arrived there among increasing numbers of white-throated sparrows. Pine siskins persist amid decreasing numbers of purple finches. Overhead, sharp-shinned hawks, broad-winged hawks, and bald eagles dominate as locals set up territories and migrants press northward.

Rarities & Reporting
Some of the rarities spotted across the state this week include northern mockingbirds in La Crosse, Sheboygan and Vilas counties, glossy ibis in Dodge County, white-faced ibises in Dodge, Winnebago and Green Lake counties, black-necked stilt in Brown County, and white-eyed vireo in Dane and Milwaukee counties. The week ahead looks fairly promising for migration, with at least several days of southerly winds in the forecast. If so, this will usher in the peak of landbird migration in the southern half of the state and improved birding in the north. And don't let bad weather keep you from heading out - rainy days in May often provide the most spectacular birding! Help us track bird populations by reporting your migration sightings to and observations of nesting birds to Good birding! - Ryan Brady, research scientist, Ashland
General Hunting Dog topics / Wolf hunting could return to Minnesota, Wisconsin
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Wolf hunting could return to Minnesota, Wisconsin

(ASSOCIATED PRESS) - Gray wolves in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan could find themselves in the crosshairs of hunters as soon as this fall.

A ruling is expected soon from the same appeals court that recently lifted protections for wolves in Wyoming. Officials say that whether Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan can hold wolf seasons this fall would depend in part on how soon the court rules.

Meanwhile, wolf-hunting supporters in Congress aren't giving up even though a Minnesota representative was instrumental in killing an effort that would have allowed the three Midwest states to resume wolf hunting.

Gray wolves were once hunted to the brink of extinction in the lower 48 states, but they recovered under Endangered Species Act protections and reintroduction programs. They now number around 5,500.
Wisconsin Fishing / Wisconsin Statewide fishing report
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Wisconsin Outdoor fishing report  May 10, 2017

Rain held on to start last week, but has since subsided into lightly cloudy sunshine. In northern Wisconsin, the weather had been colder, but the rain, sleet and snow seem to have finally passed, leaving a more true May feel in their wake. Watch for a fast and vibrant green-up in the Northwoods, thanks to the heavy moisture as leaves fill out and flowers unfurl.

Wisconsin’s general inland game fish season opened last Saturday, May 6, and fisheries biologists say anglers can expect to find some trophy potential fish as well as abundant numbers of popular game species this spring. The musky season opened on southern Wisconsin waters, while on northern waters the season opens Saturday, May 27, to give muskies additional time to complete spawning. Smallmouth bass are also divided into northern and southern zones with catch-and-release only in the north until June 17.
2017 Wisconsin waterfowl, other migratory game bird hunting seasons finalized

Migratory game bird hunters in Wisconsin will have seasons for duck, geese, dove, woodcock and other migratory game birds that are nearly identical to the structure seen in 2016 under a rule approved by the state Natural Resources Board at its April 12 meeting in Madison.

Similar to last year, the Horicon Canada goose hunting zone will have one single continuous 92-day time period, rather than the two split time periods experienced in the past. In addition, the pintail daily bag limit based on U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service frameworks, has been reduced from two to one.

The first of the 2017 migratory game bird seasons will open with the early Canada goose, mourning dove and early teal seasons. Regular waterfowl hunting seasons will include a 60-day duck season and 92-day goose season.

As a reminder to Canada goose hunters, registration of Canada geese within 48 hours of harvest is still required. However, in-field validation of the Canada goose hunting permit is no longer required. Canada goose harvest registration can be conducted via phone at 1-844-GAME-REG (1-844-426-3734) or online at GameReg.Wi.Gov.

Early season dates are as follows:

• Early Teal - Sept. 1-7 (six birds per day) (Extended to fourth year due to USFWS regulatory timeline);

• Early Goose - Sept. 1-15 (five birds per day);

• Mourning Dove - Sept. 1 to Nov. 29 (15 birds per day); and

• Woodcock - Sept. 23 to Nov. 6 (three birds per day).

Duck season dates and bag limits are as follows:

Opening day shooting hours would begin one-half hour before sunrise for all regular waterfowl hunting seasons.

• Youth Hunt - Sept. 16-17;

• North Zone - Sept. 23 to Nov. 21;

• South Zone - Sept. 30 to Oct. 8 and Oct. 14 to Dec. 3 (five-day split); and

• Mississippi Zone - Sept. 30 to Oct. 6 and Oct. 14 to Dec. 5 (seven-day split, closed Oct. 7-13).

The daily bag limit statewide is six ducks, including no more than:

• four mallards, of which only one may be a hen;

Current Time 0:00
Duration Time 0:00
Stream TypeLIVE
Loaded: 0%Progress: 0%0:00
• one black duck;

• two canvasbacks;

• three wood ducks;

• one pintail;

• three scaup; and

• two redheads.

Five mergansers can be harvested daily, of which no more than two may be hooded.

Regular goose season dates are as follows:

The state is apportioned into two goose hunting zones for the regular season: Horicon and Exterior. The Mississippi River is a sub-zone within the Exterior Zone. Daily bag limits are two geese each in the Exterior and Horicon zones.

Exterior Zone (92 days total):

• North - Sept. 16 to Dec. 16;

• South - Sept. 16 to Oct. 8 and Oct. 14 to Dec. 21; and

• Mississippi - Sept. 30 to Oct. 6 and Oct. 14 to Jan. 4.

Horicon Zone (one period, 12 tags per hunter):

• Horicon - Sept. 16 - Dec. 16.

Wisconsin DNR Outdoor Reports and News / Wisconsin Outdoor News Update
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Wisconsin Outdoor News Update

Provide public access to the outdoors and earn extra income through the Voluntary Public Access and Habitat Incentive Program
MADISON - The Voluntary Public Access and Habitat Incentive Program is the perfect way to earn extra income and provide opportunities for others to enjoy the outdoors.

Anglers, boaters key to preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species
MADISON -- As fishing activity ramps up in waters with early season opportunities and anticipation builds for the general inland season fishing opener on May 6, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources reminds anglers that a few extra minutes spent emptying live wells and cleaning plant debris from anchors and trailers plays a critical role in preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species. -

Final comments sought on Lake Michigan fisheries management plan update

MADISON -- The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has completed the final draft of its long-term fisheries management plan for Wisconsin's Lake Michigan waters and invites citizens to provide final input. Lake Michigan has seen drastic ecological changes in recent years and the new plan will guide fisheries management through the next 10 years. -

Catchable trout: coming soon to a water near you
MADISON -- Anglers of all ages will soon have many more reasons to get excited about the upcoming inland fishing season opener on May 6 thanks to efforts by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to stock "catchable" trout in locally accessible lakes, ponds and streams. -

Focus on safety for a successful spring turkey season
MADISON -- Approximately 80,000 hunters will be heading to the field for the 2017 spring turkey hunting season, with the first season starting April 19.

Landowners encouraged to look for and control garlic mustard
MADISON - Early spring is the best time to check gardens, yards and woodlands for garlic mustard and take measures to control this rapidly spreading invasive plant, state invasive plant experts say. -
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