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Wisconsin Fishing / Minocqua area fishing report
« Last post by mudbrook on Today at 11:27:35 AM »
Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Thanks to a holiday weekend, decent weather and the Wisconsin High School State Championship, the Lakeland area was busy with ice anglers this past weekend.
Fishing started out slow on Thursday and Friday as high pressure didn’t help anglers trying to catch uninterested fish.  But Saturday, with a change in the weather, action improved.
Northern Pike:  Fair-Good - Some very nice fish in the mid 30” range on the largest of shiners and suckers.  10-14’ depths brought about the largest fish where that water was available, but nice fish from shallower flats also came in.
Crappie:  Fair-Good – Action dipped but picked up by weekend.  Deep water still best with anglers using Tungsten jigs and spoons to work waxies and even plastics, as well as a decent minnow bite when weather allowed for tip-downs or inside shacks.  Look for suspended fish 4-6’ up off bottom.
Yellow Perch:  Fair-Good – Similar action with perch preferring wigglers or red spikes on Hali jigs, Tungsten Demons and Chandeliers.  A preference for small minnows was seen as bite improved.
Bluegill:  Fair- Good – Improving catches in standing cabbage.  Anglers doing well using #10 rockers tipped with plastics in red, maroon, black, purple and motor oil.  #3 Fiskas tipped with small J&S plastics or Chena also good.
Walleye:  Poor-Fair – Some improvement as weekend progressed (Big Walleyes caught and released on Minocqua chain of 28, 27 & 26 1/4”, but that fishery NOT open ‘til May 2020.)  Best action deep on most lakes using 3” suckers, large fats on large rosies.  Jigging Raps and Slab Raps accounted for several nice Eyes over weekend (18-23”)
Largemouth Bass:  Poor-Fair – Medium shiners or large slender spoons best.
The Wisconsin Interscholastic Fishing Association did an outstanding job running their State Championship here.  Great organization and the participants did a great job of representing their high schools, their upbringing and the great sport of ice fishing.  I encourage anyone reading our post to support this organization and the young anglers that participate.  Our hats off to you!
2/24       Carroll Lake Ice Derby
Lake Tomahawk Family Ice Derby
Kurt Justice
Kurt’s Island Sport Shop

Archery / Re: Hawaii bowhunting blog
« Last post by Rancid Crabtree on Today at 03:28:40 AM »
After spending the whole day carrying my bow at 8,000 ft in the saddle between Mt. Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, There is not enough Ibuprofen on the Big Island. This Jurassic tree had to have lived a very long life. It dwarfs my bow.

Archery / Re: Hawaii bowhunting blog
« Last post by Rancid Crabtree on February 20, 2018, 01:26:50 AM »
The trip from Kauai to the big island was less than an hour. Took a taxi to Uncle Billy's in a part of Kona that Wisconsin residents would call the Wisconsin Dells of Hawaii. Uncle Billy's IS NOT the Marriott on Kauai and only a mountain view and thats all I've got to say about that.

During the cab ride from Kona Int'l to Uncle Billy's I saw a Packer flag outside a bar so I walked over to find a Packer bar and eatery on Hawaii. Had a nice chat with the owner's daughter about Wisconsin and hunting. Visitors to Quninn's that are from WI place a pin in their home town. It seems a lot of WI residents have been to Quinn's.

Archery / Re: Hawaii bowhunting blog
« Last post by Rancid Crabtree on February 18, 2018, 07:29:34 PM »
Wisconsin Fishing / Winnebago System Sturgeon Enthusiasts
« Last post by mudbrook on February 18, 2018, 06:13:41 PM »
Winnebago System Sturgeon Spearing Enthusiasts:
There were 69 lake sturgeon harvested from Lake Winnebago today, making today the 2nd largest harvest of the season behind only opening day when 83 fish were registered.  Today’s harvest is also very similar to yesterday’s in terms of number of fish registered (68 on Saturday), but different in terms of which stations were the busiest.  Wendt’s, Calumet Harbor (Pipe), and Jerry’s Bar (Oshkosh) were the busiest stations on Saturday, in that order, while Cal Harbor, Wendt’s and Waverly Beach were the top three stations today.  Yes, you read correctly, Waverly Beach was one of the busier stations on the lake today.  There were just 21 fish registered at Waverly Beach during the first 8 days of the season, but today was a new day as 10 fish were registered there.
The largest fish of the day was 141.4 pounds, 75.7” and registered at Jerry’s Bar by Gregory Naparalla of Berlin (photo included).  The season will continue for 7 more days, but I do want to notify spearers that we have decided to close our registration stations at Waverly Beach, Quinney, and Jerry’s Bar for the remainder of the season.  Successful spearers will still be able to register their fish at Payne’s Point, Stockbridge Harbor, Calumet Harbor (Pipe), and Wendt’s.
Good luck spearing over the last week of the season!
Archery / Re: Hawaii bowhunting blog
« Last post by Rancid Crabtree on February 18, 2018, 12:44:14 AM »
It seems there is no shortage of free range roosters on the island.

We hit the local Farmers market. I found some venison.

Not sure what they are called but they are pretty good.

Small but the best Ive ever had.

It was so good the leftovers made a great sunset snack

Archery / Re: Hawaii bowhunting blog
« Last post by Rancid Crabtree on February 16, 2018, 01:01:09 PM »
11 hours of total flight time. and we made it.

Reunited and it feels so good.

We start with 5 days of vacation on Kauai and then over to the Big Island for the hunt.
Wisconsin Fishing / Day 5 Sturgeon Spearing Harvest Report (February 14, 2018)
« Last post by mudbrook on February 14, 2018, 05:20:56 PM »
Winnebago System Sturgeon Spearing Enthusiasts:
There were 24 sturgeon harvested from Lake Winnebago today bringing the season total to 253.  Calumet Harbor (Pipe) paced the way with 7 fish while Stockbridge Harbor and Jerry’s Bar (Oshkosh) each registered 4.  On the season, Wendt’s has a pretty good lead on all other stations with 67 fish registered thus far.  The largest fish of the day was 92.5 pounds (67.2”) and registered at Calumet Harbor by Joseph Brenner.  Unfortunately, we did not get a picture of Joseph with his fish.  The season will continue for another 11 days, so spearers will have some time to get out and harvest a fish yet this season.
Yesterday I mentioned that the 84.5” fish registered at Jerry’s Bar was the longest fish that I had confirmed record of being harvested.  We have fairly reliable harvest records dating back to the early 1970s, but only intermittent records prior to that.  Yesterday’s fish was the longest fish in our data set during this time period, however, I was made aware of at least one longer fish harvested prior to the 1970s.  That fish was Bill Mortimer’s 85” 168 pound sturgeon harvested during the 1957 season.  I have included an excerpt from a news clipping showing a photo of Bill with his fish.  It’s possible there are other longer fish out there in the history as well.  If you are aware of any, please pass on the photo and story. 
Regardless of the length of fish harvested during past seasons, fish records are based off weight not length.  The current state record lake sturgeon harvested via spear was 212.2 pounds (84.2”) and taken during the 2010 spearing season.  Many of the top 11 heaviest fish on record were taken during the 2010-2013 seasons (attached document).  Although we have not had a 170+ pound fish registered in the past 5 years, we have had a number of fish harvested that were certainly long enough to be on this list had they been in better condition (plumpness).  Kyle’s fish would certainly highlight that bunch.
Good luck to spearers tomorrow!       
Archery / Re: Hawaii bowhunting blog
« Last post by Rancid Crabtree on February 11, 2018, 09:41:15 AM »
I called the hotel on Kauai to check on the delivery of my hunting gear. They confirmed everything arrived and is in storage. I plan to fly back with the gear rather than shipping it so I picked up some TSA locks.

This last weeks has dumped well over a foot of snow on us so Im looking forward to Hawaii.

4 days and counting.

Ice Fishing Tournaments / Carroll Lake Ice Derby
« Last post by mudbrook on February 08, 2018, 10:50:05 AM »
2/24       Carroll Lake Ice Derby
                Lake Tomahawk Fisheree deused0
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