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Wisconsin Fishing / Minocqua area fishing report
« on: January 17, 2018, 04:45:26 PM »
Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Cold and clear skies met weekend anglers, slowing what had been a very good ice fishing season so far.
Yellow Perch:  Good-Fair - Best chance for a meal is to work mud flats of 18-28' using VMC Flash Champs, Halis and Pimples tipped with wigglers or Red Spikes.  Warm forecast for weekend would allow for tip-down use with small rosies.
Walleye:  Good-Fair – Definite slow down over weekend.  Bite more sporadic, probably due to barometer (though Flowages not affected same as lakes).  Suckers in the 2 1/2 - 3 1/2" range best.
Crappie:  Good-Fair – As with Walleyes, flowages better option on high sky days.  Warmer weather this weekend should improve tip-down bite.
Northern Pike:  Fair – Bite slowed, some deeper water fish over sand grass should improve with warm up.
Bluegill:  Fair – Tighter lipped fish need to be finessed with smaller darker jigs tipped with dark (red, black, purple, brown) plastic and red spikes or mousses.
Largemouth Bass:  Poor – Look for bass action to pick up over weekend with warm up. Use medium shiners.
A definite drop off in action over past weekend can be attributed to high pressure and cold (-28 degrees Sunday, Jan 14th)  This week things should improve as temps slowly rise by weeks end, mid-week clouds should help till then.
Kurt Justice
Kurt’s Island Sport Shop

Wisconsin Fishing / Wisconsin Outdoor Statewide fishing report
« on: December 22, 2017, 10:26:17 AM »
Wisconsin Outdoor Statewide fishing report

Sawyer County - Most smaller lakes have 4 to 6 inches of good ice, but some of the larger lakes just froze up completely in the last week and have 1 to 4 inches of ice. There is a fair amount of snow on the ice which is leading to slush and inconsistent ice underneath. People should be very careful if they venture out to fish. Anglers finding good ice have found the fishing good. Bluegill were biting well both in shallow green weeds (5-10 feet of water) and off of deeper cribs. Walleye are taking minnows on tip-ups on the outside edges of weed beds in 10 to 20 feet of water. Pike action on tip ups has been slower than average, but that might point to good pike fishing in the near future. Pike never seem to stay inactive for long in the winter and can typically be caught in 5-15 feet of water, particularly where there are weeds. - Max Wolter, fisheries biologist, Hayward

Price County - Ice development is coming along very slowly on area lakes. Some lakes have 4-6 inches of ice while others have less than 1 inch in spots. Last week's cold spell did not put on as much ice as anticipated. This week's snowfall will insulate the ice and slow any development that is taking place. Extreme caution should be used when venturing out onto the ice. Anglers that have been getting out in the Park Falls area are catching fish. Bluegills are biting in 4-7 feet of water on small jigs with spikes. Crappies are being found a little deeper over flats or near cribs. Minnows with slip bobbers are working well for them. Walleye anglers are catching walleyes in 3 to 6 feet of water on small minnows set under tip ups. Every day has been different as far as action. Somedays they are biting well, somedays they have been very picky. It has been dependent on the weather fronts pushing through. - Chad Leanna, fisheries technician, Park Falls

Oneida County - Anglers have been on the ice for the last couple weeks. Some early reports are that some folks are catching walleyes of decent size. Ice conditions are still variable up here. It's been cold, in the teens, but the amount of steady snow we've had hasn't been the best for making good ice. People are reporting anywhere from 2-8 inches or so depending on lake (smaller lakes tending to have more); however, anybody going out should still exercise caution. - Hadley Boehm, fisheries biologist, Woodruff

Milwaukee County - With the warm winter weather, most of our waterways are currently free of ice. However, we should see cold and snow over Christmas weekend, with more ice cover on our inland lakes and ponds.

Wisconsin Sports Shows / 2018 WI Sport Show - Eau Claire
« on: October 16, 2017, 12:08:58 PM »
Join us March 16-18 for the 2018 Wisconsin Sport Show!
Presented by the Eau Claire Leader Telegram
Chippewa Valley Expo Center

5150 Menard Drive
Eau Claire, WI 54703
Event Hours

3 PM to 8 PM Friday
9 AM to 6 PM Saturday
9 AM to 4PM Sunday

$7 in advance or $9 at the door. Advanced tickets will be available January 15th, 2018 here on the site.

Special Admission Offers
Freedom Friday!
All active and retired military receive their individual admission for just $5! Friday only from 3 PM to 8 PM.
Senior Sunday!
All individuals 62 years of age and older receive their individual admission for just $5! Sunday only from 9 AM to 4 PM.
Proof of age and military status may be requested.

This year's event will feature exhibitors, demonstrations, presentations and special guests.
Sport Show participating organizations will include:

Fishing! Charters, Equipment, Retail, Demonstrations and Presentations
Canadian and North American Lodges
Hunting Displays, Presentations, and Outfitters
Fishing Seminars presented by Scheels
Boats and Pontoons
ATVs, Motorcycles, RVs and other recreational vehicles
Docks and Lifts
Hunting Dog Demonstrations
Many retail opportunities
Live chainsaw carving demonstrations and sales
Conservation and Wildlife Organizations
Free Parking
Fun for the whole family!

Post your Whitetail Pictures HERE / Carter John Benson First Deer
« on: October 11, 2017, 11:22:05 AM »
My Grandson 10 year old Carter harvested his first Deer this last weekend, how proud we are of him. It just doesn't seem possible that he is old enough to take a deer this year, but he did it in grand style. He shot a very nice doe on Sat. evening and an 8 point Buck Sun. Great job Carter!

General Hunting Dog topics / Hunting Dog Killed in Burnett County
« on: October 10, 2017, 12:11:22 PM »
Hunting Dog Killed in Burnett County

Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated a Bluetick hound on 10/01/17.  The attack occurred in the Town of Blaine, Burnett County.  More information and a caution-area map are available on the gray wolf webpage.

Hunters are reminded to use the caution-area maps on the DNR website (, keyword "wolf depredation") to help reduce conflicts.

Trail Reports and ATV News / Burnett County Forest & Parks
« on: September 27, 2017, 11:17:09 AM »
Fall riding season begins tomorrow, Sept. 16

From September 16 - November 30 of each year the Burnett County Forest Woods Trails & County Forest Roads are open for ATV/UTV use.  What this means is that you can ride your registered ATV/UTV on any woods trail, snowmobile trail, and ATV trail that is located on County Forest Lands, as long as it is not bermed, gated, or signed as closed and is at least eight feet wide.  (A good rule of thumb is that if you can drive your truck down the trail, then you take your ATV/UTV down it.)  NO off trail use is allowed and operation on private lands is illegal unless you have permission from the private landowner.

It is VERY important to note that all of these trails are currently multi-use trails.  This means that any street legal, licensed vehicle can use these trails during this time, (cars and trucks for example). It's also important to note that these trails are no longer being maintained during this time of year.  For these reasons we call the State-Funded Summer Use ATV Trail System closed, even though you can still ride the majority of these same trails because they are located on County Forest Lands and township roads that currently allow for the use of ATV/UTVs during this time of year. 

Some township ordinances allow for ATV/UTV use of the town roads and others do NOT allow it.  It is the rider’s responsibility to contact the township in which you plan to ride in and get the current rules pertaining to ATVs/UTVs and the town roads.  Please contact the individual townships for their rules and regulations.

All ATVs and UTVs must display either a Wisconsin registration or an ATV trail pass to ride on our trails.  Only machines meeting the state definition of an ATV/UTV are allowed on these trails.  Please refer to the WI DNR website for these definitions.

Caution: Groomers and trail maintenance vehicles may be on the trails at any time.

It is your responsibility to know where you are and whose property you are on.  Please be careful, be respectful to other trail users, and ride safely.

Contact Information
If you need any maps, or if you need any other information, please contact Burnett County Tourism at 1-800-788-3164 or feel free to email them at

To contact Burnett County Forest & Parks, please visit their website at

Great Lakes Fishing / Green Bay Fishing Report:
« on: September 27, 2017, 11:15:19 AM »
Green Bay Fishing Report: September 26, 2017
Door Co.
A few smallmouth bass have been caught from the piers at Murphy Park, Egg Harbor and Ephraim but action seems to be slowing down. Bass fishermen getting out to the Strawberry Islands and Washington Island have been doing well when the wind permits. Casting the weeds in Fish Creek with crankbaits has been productive for Northern Pike. Chinook are just starting to move in for the fall run. Action in Baileys Harbor and Fish Creek as well as other area streams will pick up as we head into October.
Chaudoirs Dock – Anglers on the hunt for walleye weren’t doing so hot over the past week out of Chaudiors dock. About every other boat came back with a few fish for the cooler. While they were out they also caught a nice variety of other fish like, freshwater drum, catfish, white bass, white perch and few whitefish. No perch anglers were interviewed. During the week there were 5-7 trailers in the lot and 7-10 on the weekend
Sugar Creek - No angler’s observed
Rites Cove - No angler’s observed
Little Sturgeon Bay – During the week the mix was mostly walleye and perch anglers but with the uncharacteristically warm weather pleasure boaters and bass fishermen snuck out on the water. The walleye anglers didn’t do too well and only a few boats brought back any fish at all. Perch anglers on the other hand did alright. There were a few boats that came back empty but the majority of those out fishing for perch took home 7-15 fish. During the weekend bass anglers caught less than a handful of fish for half a day on the water. During the week there were 10-12 trailers in the lot and over 20 during the weekend.
Sawyer Harbor – Over the previous week there was a blend of anglers and pleasure boaters out on the water. A few went fishing for walleye and all but one came back with empty live wells. The Perch anglers on the other hand were surprisingly consistent with their catch. Most boats were harvesting over 15 fish and a few even hit their limit. Some fish were measured and had lengths from 8-11 inches. A few bass anglers were also interviewed and all of them averaged less than 10 fish for half a day out on the water. While out anglers also caught a few gobies as well as a few nice northern pike. The parking lot averaged around 8 trailers in it during the week and 15 during the weekend.
Brown/Kewaunee Co. - Bay side from Sturgeon Bay area south
Bayshore - Over this past week walleye fishing hasn’t been overwhelmingly successful but it has been consistent. Most boats were harvesting 2-5 fish for half a day worth of fishing and throwing back a couple fish that were short. They were also catching freshwater drum, white perch, and catfish. Yellow perch anglers were having trouble locating fish but when they did they were putting at least 10 per boat in the cooler. Most fish measured were 9-11 inches with a few that broke 13 in. Anglers using night crawlers were catching far more round goby’s than those that were using minnows. During the week the parking lot was about a third full and almost full on the weekend.
Suamico – Boat anglers were targeting walleye and musky with little luck. Anglers after musky reported not having any luck, while walleye anglers reported bringing in 2-4 fish per trip. Again, the warm weather over the weekend brought out more recreational boaters than anglers with around 45 trailers in the lot.
Longtail Lauches- no anglers or trailers
Metro launch – An average of 8 trailers were observed at the beginning of the week and nearly 60 trailers over the weekend with the warm weather. At the beginning few boat anglers reported targeting walleye and caught approximately 6 fish for a half day out. This weekends unseasonably hot weather brought out more recreational boaters than anglers, though the anglers which were out had fairly consistent luck as anglers earlier in the week.
Fox River Mouth – High trailer counts all week which ended up resulting in high number of interviews from pleasure boaters. With the nice weather we have had lately the public is getting on the water and enjoying the sun. As for anglers, walleye has been the main target with anglers launching from the mouth and running a couple miles north usually. Walleye angler have had a tough time finding decent numbers of walleyes and they are also struggling to keep the non-target fish off their lines, many times white perch or freshwater drum will hit their baits before a walleye has time. Shore anglers from the river mouth have still been doing good catching freshwater drum with the occasional channel catfish mixed in. The river’s water temperature is quite high right now with many anglers reporting 82-85 degree surface temperatures.
Fox River- Almost all of my interviews from the upper portion of the river came from pleasure boaters with most of the anglers targeting fish out in the bay right now. Fish species that have been caught by anglers in the upper portion have been, freshwater drum, and channel catfish.
Fox Point Launch – Few trailers observed, no interviews taken
Fairgrounds – Few trailers observed, no interviews taken.
Duck Creek - Few trailers observed, no interviews taken
Voyager Park – Few anglers observed, no interviews taken.
Red River - No anglers observed
Oconto Co.
Blue gill and crappie still top the list that fishermen are after below the Dam at Stiles on the Oconto River, live bait is working the best. Anglers floating the Oconto River report catching good numbers of small mouth using small crank baits and plastics. Walleye anglers fishing from the Pensaukee River mouth to Oconto Park II report having success in about 15 feet of water trolling with large cranks and crawler/harness. The perch bite has been decent at times with most fish being caught early morning using minnows or crawler chunks, staying mobile has been the rule. A few pink salmon and Kings have been observed below the Dam at Stiles.
Genoas Beach - Anglers reported targeting mostly musky with little luck. Some said they were saw one or two fish, but were unable to reel any in. Some (3-5) walleyes were also caught by a few anglers with freshwater drum, gobies, and white bass as well. The parking lot had much less trailers as normal, averaging around 10 throughout the week and weekend.
Marinette Co.
Anglers floating the Peshtigo River report catching goodly numbers of small mouth and pike casting cranks and plastics to structure and current breaks. Perch anglers are having some success fishing the lower part of the river using minnows and crawler chunks. A few salmon have been seen in the Peshtigo River. Perch anglers out of Little River are having success fishing in and around the weed beds using crawler chunks and minnows, lots of small fish being reported. Perch are also being caught at Red Arrow Beach using the same techniques. Some walleye and small mouth are being caught in the Menominee River mainly from Stephenson Island up to the Dam at Hattie Street. A variety of presentations are being used. King salmon have been observed jumping at the Hattie Street Dam.

Great Lakes Fishing / Milwaukee Fishing Lake Michigan Salmon Report
« on: September 27, 2017, 11:13:45 AM »
Milwaukee Fishing Lake Michigan Salmon Report

Milwaukee Fishing, Multi Species Action!

By Milwaukee Wisconsin fishing charter Capt. Jim Hirt

Lake Michigan Salmon Fishing Report 9/25/2017 Hello all thank you for reading my reports. Join us in Milwaukee! To get my fish reports and how to videos first go to By subscribing you will keep ahead of the other anglers. When I post you will get it fast!


The fishing was good last weekend. We are finding colder water and schools of baitfish in 30 to 100 feet of water The temp break was down 25 feet to 47 degrees. Chinook numbers were down this last weekend with some five to seven pound Lake Trout picking up the slack. Lakers were active on the bottom in 90 feet of water. Coho are still coming on flasher flies on the wire divers 3 set 130 feet on the line counter. Brown trout were solid on 2,3,4,5,6 and 8 color lead core on boards with regular size Vulcan spoons. The OL Sherbet color was best all season. Chins went for Vulcan spoons in blue/silver or green/silver. Downriggers on the bottom with size 0 dodgers and Spin n Glows are taking the Lakers. Reapers and Vulcans made by have been working for us. The small silver Vulcan in green or blue has also been good on the lead cores for exciting Rainbows. I hope this helps.

Lake Trout action was a big part of our catch all week on magnum spoons 100 to 130 down or Spin n glows.

Brown Trout action was hot on small spoons on lead core.

Rainbow Trout were slow hitting Vulcan Dolphin Green and Silver spoons in the top 40 feet.

Coho have slowed down most of them came 70 down on Magnum Reapers Fish N Chips spoons or flasher flies.


Bait fish are in 30 to 100 I fished anywhere inside of 100 feet in Whitefish Bay. Near shore action on McKinley pier has improved the black Chinooks and a few Browns being caught. Head northeast and set lines in 30 feet. Troll northeast have a great fishing season. Let's go fishing! Jim charters out of Milwaukee, WI. with Blue Max Charters. He can be reached at 414-828-1094 or visit his web site at Copyright© 2017, James J. Hirt, All Rights Reserved.


General Hunting Dog topics / Hunting Dog Killed in Bayfield County
« on: September 27, 2017, 11:12:05 AM »
Hunting Dog Killed in Bayfield County

Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated a Black and Tan Hound on 09/21/17.  The attack occurred in the Town of Delta, Bayfield County.  More information and a caution-area map are available on the gray wolf webpage.

Hunters are reminded to use the caution-area maps on the DNR website (, keyword "wolf depredation") to help reduce conflicts.

Price County Tourism Department - Calendar of Events –

1.   Phillips Farmers Market

September 26, 2017, 3:00 PM?-?5:30 PM @ Corner of Maple St & Avon Ave, 1/2 block off Highway 13, Phillips - across from the Pick ‘n Save store 195 S. Avon Avenue Phillips WI 54555

Items vary from week to week and depend on time of year and may include early bedding plants, rhubarb, herbs, maple syrup, honey, cranberry products, berries, greens & lettuce, vegetables, perennials & potted plants, apples, onions, garlic, peppers, and more. Local vendors interested in participating can come every Saturday or just one for a small fee. Contact the manager to participate.

2.   Park Falls Farmers Market

September 27, 2017, 2:00 PM?-?5:15 PM @ Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, 1185 4th Avenue S. Park Falls WI 54552

Items vary each week depending on what fruits and vegetables are in season, plus a variety of other items are available, for instance, eggs, syrup, honey, jams, relishes, meat, and plants. Quest cards/Food Stamps can be used for food purchases at the market for both foods and vegetable plants & seeds and “Market Dollars” are accepted by all vendors. They are available for purchase at the market and are a great idea for gift giving or incentives. WIC coupons and senior market coupons are also accepted by most of our vendors. Eat smart, eat local, be healthy! New vendors at the market are always welcome – contact the Market Manager.

3.   Southern Price County Farmers Market

September 30, 2017, 8:00 AM?-?12:00 PM @ Catawba Farm Supply / C-Store, CatawbaW9149 U.S. Hwy. 8 Catawba WI 54515

Fresh produce when in season, cut flowers, bedding plants, herbs, houseplants, trees & shrubs, pumpkins, melons, rhubarb, berries, apples, sweet corn, and craft items.

4.   58th Annual Christmas Tree Festival

September 30, 2017, 9:00 AM @ Downtown Ogema, 1859 School House Road Ogema WI 54459

Craft show & flea market at the town hall & school 10am-4pm, softball & horseshoe tournaments at Pioneer Park, food booths, parade at 11 a.m., “Run to the Peak” race to Timm’s Hill, kids games & prizes at the school yard 11am-3pm, chicken BBQ at the Ogema School 11:30 a.m., plus other food and refreshments, Ultimate Frisbee, Ogema Public Library open house & book/video sale, Pioneer House Museum open, wreath and Christmas tree contest (ribbons & cash prizes), lasagna dinner at First Lutheran Church 4-6 p.m., evening show/program 7 p.m., and the Ogema Fire Company’s annual Fireman’s Dance at the fire hall 8 p.m. - midnight.

5.   Phillips Farmers Market

September 30, 2017, 9:00 AM?-?12:00 PM @ Corner of Maple St & Avon Ave, 1/2 block off Highway 13, Phillips - across from the Pick ‘n Save store 195 S. Avon Avenue Phillips WI 54555

Items vary from week to week and depend on time of year and may include early bedding plants, rhubarb, herbs, maple syrup, honey, cranberry products, berries, greens & lettuce, vegetables, perennials & potted plants, apples, onions, garlic, peppers, and more. Local vendors interested in participating can come every Saturday or just one for a small fee. Contact the manager to participate.

6.   1st Annual Colors of Fall Festival

September 30, 2017, 10:00 AM?-?6:00 PM @ Flambeau View Greenhouse, 16872 N. River Road Park Falls WI 54552

This event begins with music and sidewalk sales in downtown Park Falls from 10am-noon then enjoy the fall-decorated houses and beautiful fall colors along the river in the Fall 4 Run/Walk (reg. 11am across from 1st National Bank / noon start) which ends at Flambeau View Greenhouse where festival activities (noon-4pm) await you offering craft beer sampling, live music, arts & crafts, pumpkins, scarecrows, fall flowers, kids activities, hay rides, hot cider & donuts. Have family and friends join you at the greenhouse for festival activities after the run/walk. Activities being held downtown include a Chili Challenge (4-6pm free samples) with nine (9) restaurants cooking up their special recipes, music, and a kids' corner with pumpkin decorating and face painting (1-4pm). Plus there will be a raffles for great prizes. The run/walk participants will also be the judges of the best fall-decorated house along the route. Everyone welcome! Fun for the Whole Family!

1.   "Seraph Brass" presented by the Woods & Waters Fine Arts Council

October 3, 2017, 7:00 PM @ Chequamegon High School, 400 N. 9th Street Park Falls WI 54552

A dynamic brass quintet drawing from a roster of America's top female brass players. Committed to engaging audiences with captivating programming, Seraph Brass presents a diverse body of repertoire that includes original transcriptions, newly commissioned works, and well-known classics. This performance is part of a Concert Series, and ticket purchase includes membership and admission to eight (8) different concerts.

2.   Park Falls Farmers Market

October 4, 2017, 2:00 PM?-?5:15 PM @ Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, 1185 4th Avenue S. Park Falls WI  54552

Items vary each week depending on what fruits and vegetables are in season, plus a variety of other items are available, for instance, eggs, syrup, honey, jams, relishes, meat, and plants. Quest cards/Food Stamps can be used for food purchases at the market for both foods and vegetable plants & seeds and “Market Dollars” are accepted by all vendors. They are available for purchase at the market and are a great idea for gift giving or incentives. WIC coupons and senior market coupons are also accepted by most of our vendors. Eat smart, eat local, be healthy! New vendors at the market are always welcome – contact the Market Manager.

3.   POPS Garage Sale

October 5, 2017, 8:00 AM?-?October 7, 2017, 5:00 PM @ Lions Pavilion, 730 South Street Prentice WI  54556

Large selection and variety of items. The shelves are restocked daily with new items. This fundraiser is sponsored for Power of Positive Students (POPS).

Hunting Dogs Killed/Injured in Price and Sawyer Counties

Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves injured a Plott/Walker Hound in Price County on 09/22/17.  The attack occurred in the Town of Worcester.

Wildlife Services also confirmed that wolves killed a Walker Hound in Sawyer County on 09/23/17.  The attack occurred in the Town of Round Lake.

More information and a caution-area map are available on the gray wolf webpage.

Hunters are reminded to use the caution-area maps on the DNR website (, keyword "wolf depredation") to help reduce conflicts.

Wisconsin General Events and Activities / 2017 Tomahawk Fall Ride for MDA
« on: September 12, 2017, 08:16:47 PM »
2017 Tomahawk Fall Ride for MDA

« ABATE 3A: 3rd Annual SummerpaloozaTriple C Riders 3rd Annual Frosty Toy Run »
The Tomahawk Fall Ride brings in more than 40,000 motorcycle enthusiasts and others to the area each September. The event not only brings in entertainment and the newest motorcycles and accessories from Harley-Davidson Motor Company, but it also raises money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). In fact, the Tomahawk Fall Ride is the largest local fund raiser for MDA in North Central Wisconsin.

Great Lakes Fishing / Lake Michigan Wisconsin Outdoor Fishing Report
« on: September 12, 2017, 07:12:18 PM »
Southern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: September 12, 2017

Kenosha Co.
Ramp: No boaters reported catching any fish.
Pier: No boaters reported catching any fish.
Shore: 5 king salmon were reported caught this week. All of the salmon caught were reported to have been caught on skein under a bobber. The anglers that caught the fish said orange was the best color and that time of day did not seem to matter. The water temperature was 65F.
Racine Co.
Ramp: No anglers reported catching any fish this week.
Pier: Three brown trout and one king salmon were reported caught this week. The king salmon was caught on a green/white glow spoon. The brown trout were caught on blue/chrome spoons and blue/white glow spoons. The fish were caught during the early morning and late evening. The water temperature was 64F.
Shore: No anglers reported catching any fish.
Milwaukee Co.
Shoreline: Shoreline fishing for the week has been picking up for anglers. More fish are getting caught in the gaps and the mouths of rivers than in recent weeks. This is a good sign for shoreline or pier anglers, after a slow summer those anglers who stuck it out, should be rewarded with higher catch rates during the spawn run. The weather has been inconsistent this last week with storms, and high east winds to no wind with a west breeze. The water temperature for the Milwaukee County shoreline averaged 68° F, which is a little lower than the previous week. This temperature is unfortunately still rather warm water for the salmon and trout anglers are trying to catch. Another week closer to spawning season should still keep your hopes up for better things to come. Anglers have been catching fish on firetiger flicker shads, and jigging spoons to get some chinook salmon hanging around the bottom.
Offshore: Offshore fishing for this week has been inconsistent due to weather and storms than last week. With some having good luck in the early mornings, a lot of anglers haven’t had much success this last week. The anglers who have had success, have fished in shallower compared to the 100ft to 120ft of water that anglers have normally fished in. The big east winds recently could have messed with water temperatures and the thermocline. So before you go to your golden spot maybe get out a little earlier and try to find where the cooler water is, it could help catch more fish. A lot of anglers have been trolling closer to the gap at Mckinley Marina and by the mouth of the river by the north city shoreline. Most of the fish caught were Chinook or Lake trout, using the usual tackle you would use for trolling (spoons, fliers, etc) with the majority of hits coming on spoons. Good luck this upcoming week.
Sheboygan Co.
Fishing pressure was relatively low during the week due to windy and rainy weather conditions. The ramp and piers were not sampled this week, and interviews were only obtained from the Sheboygan River.
Rivers: Only one catch of chinook salmon and two smallmouth bass were reported on the Sheboygan River. Most anglers were using worms, plugs, and spoons. Water temperature of the Sheboygan River ranged from 62-64ºF. The Pigeon River was not sampled this week.
Ozaukee Co.
Similar to Sheboygan County, fishing pressure remained low at the beginning of the week due to poor weather conditions. However, many anglers were observed fishing off the shoreline and utility area over the weekend. Most of the success was reported from anglers off of the utility area as few boaters were present throughout the week.
Sauk Creek: No interviews were obtained on the Sauk Creek this week. Water levels remain low, and the water temperature was 55ºF.
Port Washington Harbor and Piers: While only a couple of rainbow trout and chinook salmon were caught off the piers and shoreline this week, several chinook salmon and some brown trout were reported off the utility area. Most of the chinook salmon weighed 12-21.5 pounds, however, there were a couple smaller ones that weighed in the 5-8 pound range. The brown trout weighed on average 7 pounds. Most catches were made on spawn sacs, although some were also made on spoons. The surface temperature of the water was 61ºF.
Port Washington Ramps: With so few boats present this week, there were only two reported catches of chinook salmon. These chinook salmon weighed 14 pounds and 17.5 pounds, and were caught in 40ft of water on spoons.

Northern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: September 12, 2017
Manitowoc Co.
Manitowoc and Two Rivers have had some salmon action start to pick up as of last weekend. Both chinooks and browns have been caught upstream of the harbors in the East and West Twin Rivers. All reported fish from the West Twin River have been chinooks caught near the dams in Shoto on spinners, beads, and artificial spawn sacs, and fish have ranged from about 10 to 20 pounds. There haven’t been huge numbers reported yet, and some rain might be helpful to get more fish up, as no water was coming over the small dam as of Sunday night. The East Twin River has had a mix of browns and chinooks caught, but more fish can be seen sitting in pools farther downstream of the dam. Fish have been caught all the way up to the dam in Mishicot though, and the same tackle mentioned from the West Twin has been taking fish. Pier anglers have had no success this weekend for any species of fish, but some have reported silver fish jumping out of casting range.
No interviews were recorded on the Manitowoc streams this week, but anglers have been reporting only a few fish being caught in the Manitowoc River via word of mouth.
No interviews were recorded from boats fishing the lake this weekend either, likely due to strong easterly winds.
Kewaunee Co.
Action on the lake has been slow with very few anglers to report. Boats fishing shallow water and near the piers have been able to pick up the occasional 4 year old king while other boats are heading out to 400+FOW in search of rainbows and younger kings. Most anglers have been focusing their efforts on the piers. In Algoma a few kings have been caught in the morning off the south pier on spoons. The Kewaunee pier has been slow but not for lack of effort. Fly fishermen have been targeting the first few pods of kings moving upstream on the Kewaunee River with limited success. Look for salmon action to pick up as the water cools off and more chinook keep moving in for the fall run.
Sturgeon Bay
Bad weather has limited fishing opportunities in the Sturgeon Bay area for both boats and shore anglers. Very little success was reported by any boats coming off the Lake Michigan side, with only a single fish here or there reported. Perch fishing has slowed according to reports over the past week also, and fewer boats than normal have been out to boot. Some walleye anglers have had some success trolling crawler harnesses out on the bay in 20-30 feet-of-water, but they have also reported a lot of sheepshead and catfish bycatch.
Shore anglers have had very limited success for smallmouth or any species besides gobies for that matter, as storms and changing weather seemed to scatter fish.

Birding, Bird Watching / Explore Minnesota Birding Update - September 2017
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Explore Minnesota Birding Update - September 2017   

Juvenile sharp-shinned hawk flying over Hawk Ridge; photo by Karl Bardon


Explore Minnesota Birding Update.  Happy birding!

September Nature Notes

The fall migration is underway. Many birds are heading south to warmer locations, and some are just arriving as they relocate from the north.

Various factors and cues spur migratory movement such as the amount of daylight, the angle of the sun, cooling temperatures and the availability of food.

Several warbler species, flycatchers and nighthawks are in the midst of their migration, and the majority of hummingbirds, orioles and martins have already departed. Raptors are also on the move. And an influx of red crossbills was noted as early as August.

One of the most popular viewing sites for raptors is Hawk Ridge in Duluth where birders can see vast numbers of sharp-shinned hawks, broad-winged hawks, bald eagles and other raptors from early September through mid-November. Peak migration at Hawk Ridge takes place from mid-September to late October. Check out The Birds of Hawk Ridge to see images of the many species that pass through most years. Another excellent site to view the hawk migration is Carpenter St. Croix Valley Nature Center in Hastings.

Birders will want to check out Explore Minnesota's 6 Hot Spots for Watching the Fall Migration to learn of other key locations for spectacular birding during the autumn season.

Did You Know?

Not all birds migrate during the day. In fact, most migrate at night. Such birds include warblers, sparrows and thrushes. One hazard they face is the abundance of well-lit buildings which can easily disorient these birds, often leading to collisions, injury and even death. Audubon Minnesota is promoting their Lights Out Program to help nighttime migrants avoid colliding with lit buildings. They encourage managers and owners of Twin Cities' buildings to turn off unnecessary lights between midnight and dawn from Aug. 15 and Oct. 31 during this prime migration period. Help spread the word about the Lights Out Program and the opportunity to save money while saving birds! Whenever possible, please congratulate the owners and managers of the buildings identified on the List of Participating Buildings.

Migratory birds need to consume additional calories this time of year to prepare for their long flights. Draw these birds into your yard and view them from the comfort of your home while helping them get the calories they need for their long journeys. Autumn Bird Feeding Tips from The Spruce provides information on how to attract and what to feed our migratory birds.

Upcoming Birding Events

Sept. 15-17, Duluth
Hawk Ridge Weekend Festival
Celebrate the fall bird migration during the annual Hawk Ridge Weekend Festival and enjoy one of North America's best places to experience the fall bird migration through field trips, workshops, presentations and social gatherings. Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory. 218-428-6209

Sept. 16, Zimmerman
Guided Bird Tour
Look for raptors, waterfowl, warblers, flycatchers, sparrows and other species on this guided walking and driving tour.  Meet your guide at the Oak Savanna Learning Center on Sherburne County Road 9, approximately 5 miles west of Hwy 169. Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge. 763-389-3323

Sept. 16, Maplewood
Bluff Tops, Birding and Bagels Hike
Join other bird enthusiasts and search Fish Creek’s scenic vistas for songbirds and raptors riding air thermals. Learn techniques for identifying birds. Bagels and cream cheese will be provided. Bring your own binoculars or borrow a pair. Fish Creek Preserve. 651-249-2170

Sept. 22, Hastings
Bird Banding
See songbirds up close and learn about the birds who share our ecosystem. Banding runs continuously for the full 3 ½ hours but visitors may come and go at any time. Carpenter Nature Center. 651-437-4359

Sept. 30, Hastings
Fall Raptor Count & Hawk Watch
Each fall, thousands of raptors and other bird migrants follow the St. Croix/Mississippi River Flyway south to their wintering grounds in the southern U.S. and beyond. Join a team of friendly spotters and greeters to count raptors as well as songbirds, gulls and other southbound birds. Please RSVP. Carpenter Nature Center. 651-437-4359

Oct. 7, Houston
Owl Prowl to Call in Wild Owls
Owls live all around us but are very good at evading detection. Learn how to identify owls by size, shape, silhouette and sound. Following an indoor portion of the program, participants will carpool to known owl territories in and around Houston to call for eastern screech-owls, barred owls, and great horned owls. International Owl Center. 507- 896-OWLS (6957)

Recent Bird Sightings

Check the Duluth/North Shore Rare Bird Alert and the Northwestern Minnesota/Detroit Lakes Rare Bird Alert for recent bird sightings. Recent sightings throughout the state can be found on the Minnesota Ornithologists' Union website --- consider joining the Minnesota Birding community on Facebook.

During migration periods, check out Bird Cast Forecasts courtesy of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to learn about weekly movement for your area.


General Hunting Dog topics / Hunting Dog Killed in Burnett County
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Hunting Dog Killed in Burnett County

Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves killed a Walker Hound on 09/08/17.  The attack occurred in the Town of Blaine, Burnett County.  More information and a caution-area map are available on the gray wolf webpage.

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