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Author Topic: Digital manufacturing and todays bowhunter  (Read 1303 times)

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Digital manufacturing and todays bowhunter
« on: March 23, 2016, 01:47:32 PM »
The brown truck dropped off a 3D printer for archery and bowhunting related prototyping. (and for generally playing around)

As well as a variety of ridged and flexible filament to proto design concepts.

First up is prototyping a broadhead for an upcoming bear hunt.


We are playing around with the 3D printer making prototypes of things we have been wanting to make or improve upon.

First up is a vision of an improved version of an existing product to replace fletching. FOB's are a good product that can be made better. Not necessarily for sale but for personal use, education and enjoyment. I made the ring a bit smaller but the fins a bit bigger.

It weighs slightly less than the FOB brand

clearance from a drop away will be a bit better with this version.

They have a 4 degree offset but I want 7 but may increase that further. FOB's fins are flat. I made this with a curve or radius like an airplane wing to see if that will improve flight. (Again, experimenting)

Time to make a few more and test shoot them.

After test firing them they still hit my face. We are getting closer but time to improve further.

1. Improved rest clearance.
2. Reduced face contact.
3. Reduced weight. (less than existing FOB and closer to 3 Blazers/glue)
4. Increased spin rate.
5. Increase total surface area of fins.
6. Airfoil fins rather than flat.

By making the annular ring smaller and pushing it forward 3/4", the facial contact issue improves as does rest clearance. I prototyped an early version yesterday but went back to the drawing board today.

Next up is a call for the stupid, smelly field carp.

I printed the pot for the call. One in black and another in Black and red and designed in some text just for giggles.

Then made aluminum sound boards

Aluminum and cooper

and a sliding top for the striker to change the tone.

Just waiting for the epoxy to cure to test them for sound.

A 3D printed shelf with hooks we made for hub style blinds.

Adding some hooks and shrink tube.

To quiet the shelf an old mouse pad and double sided tape was used.

Perfect fit.

Plenty of room on the shelf and to hang things.

Any day in the woods is a good day.

Offline Rancid Crabtree

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Re: Digital manufacturing and todays bowhunter
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2016, 07:44:51 AM »
Back to the drawing board.

Existing FOB's weigh 24.5 grains. Our early prototype of a modified annular airfoil fletch was 23 grains but like everybody else we dislike weight on the rear end of the arrow so we took out weight in no-stress areas and got the weight down to a (calculated) 20 grains (the weight of 3 blazers with glue). We won't know for certain until we make a few and throw them on the scale. Here is what they will look like now.

Any day in the woods is a good day.