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Author Topic: Quest for the white deer...  (Read 1506 times)

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Quest for the white deer...
« on: September 20, 2009, 02:04:46 PM »
Those of you that have known me for a few years probably have figured out that I have an obsession with "freak" deer... I love the odd ones more than the "big" ones.
Anywho, I have always wanted to shoot an all white deer. I refrain from calling them "Albino's" because most of them in my area are really "white phase" deer. I have been watching one all white doe in a public marsh for a few years and have been hunting it for 2 years since they opened the season for all white deer within the CWD area.  Its amazing to me that a deer that stands out as "Snow white" can survive two seasons of hunting pressure in the public marsh. Shows you just how elusive they really are...

  Last tuesday, I set up my stand in an oak tree less than 100 yards from a bedding area i had seen her use in the past. It was a very remote spot that takes nearly an hour to walk (or should I say swim) to in daylight...  1 hour on the stand and I was already being entertained by several deer close to my stand eating acorns when I looked up and saw her heading my way.  Her ghost white appearance was breath taking and I felt my heart race as if it were a 200 inch buck...

 I turned to fire up my video camera and a noise caught "Snow Whites" attention. She did not know where it came from, so she continued, but now a little more cautious.  I tried again to get to the camera and she locked onto me with eye contact.

It was either shoot her or film her running away so I eased the LoBo back and just as I squeezed the trigger she bolted. I was sure she moved just before the arrow released and was unsure of the hit, if I hit her at all... I watched her as she trotted off looking like she was not hit...  I got down and looked. No arrow, and no blood. So I walked about 10 yards up the trail and saw there was good blood, then I saw my lit knock blinking on 1/2 my arrow shaft... 

  I backed out and recruited help. We found Snow White less than 100 yards from the tree. What a sight to walk up on. I got lucky with the hit. She had moved as I shot, but the arrow caught her in the main artery in her neck and exited between her front legs.

The 2 year pursuit was done...
Dan Infalt
Big buck serial killer