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Author Topic: D&DH showing political bias  (Read 2056 times)

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D&DH showing political bias
« on: June 18, 2012, 12:16:39 PM »
A once good outlet for deer hunting info has turned into a politically partisan web site. In recent months, D&DH editor (Dan Schmidt) seems to have gone out of his way to show his bias (and by extension the bias of D&DH since his is the defacto face and voice of D&DH, at least online) seems to have gone out of his way to poison WI hunters to the Wisconsin deer trustee even going so far as to advance and promote what was commonly known as liberal propaganda in the form of an opinion piece that D&DH hoped to pass off as legitimate news.

This D&DH bias and desire to attack Dr. Kroll and the other 2 PhD?s on the Deer Trustee team seems to stem from a protectionist standpoint. If one were to look at Dan Schmidt?s book Whitetail wisdom you would see the language he used to describe his mentors and what he deemed as the best whitetail minds in North America. He list among them retired WDNR (and father of SAK) Keith McCaffery.

Dr. Kroll has made no bones about his lack of faith in SAK (for some very good reasons) and I think Dr. Kroll represents a threat to the foundation Schmidt has built his set of values upon and Schmidt is lashing out with his tedious stories attacking Kroll and his team and his using the D&DH web site as a sort of bash fest for anything Kroll. I think Schmidt jumped the shark when promoted the liberal propaganda and BS about Kroll advocating privatizing public lands or making public lands a pay-for-play scenario. Anybody who was sincere and possessed even the most modest level of understanding of the governance of public lands in WI would have read this claims about Dr. Kroll and dismissed them as baseless prattle unless there was an agenda to do harm to Kroll and by extension, Governor Scott Walker.

I find it unfortunate that Dan Schmidt and D&DH either fell for this or knowingly advanced this BS for a political agenda. Dan Schmidt has used his position with D&DH to advance no less than 6 stories trying to poison the hunting public to the Deer trustee. Schmidt and D&DH are not alone in his constant lamenting about Kroll. Pat Durkin seems to delight in souring hunters to the Deer trustee. I don?t think this is a coincidence as the preface to Dan Schmidt?s book states the following:

To Pat Durkin: my mentor for more than 6 years. You not only taught me how to do it, you taught me how to do it right.

Both Durkin and Schmidt cant seem to speak any ill of Keith McCaffery and seem to be threatened by Dr. Kroll and his recommendations almost out of fear that Kroll will do some good and improve the situation in WI. I think a large part of this is their dislike of the current governor and his political party and especially in light of the recall and their desire to serve as propagandists prior to the recall election with hopes of steering hunters away from Scott Walker by advancing stories meant to harm both Kroll and Walker when the stories lacked credibility. Why then would Schmidt and others not do a little digging to find out the claims were baseless rather than simply advancing these stories. Schmidt even included on the D&DH pages a call from Democrat legislators which was clearly a partisan ploy driven solely by the recall.

It?s a shame a once proud and good deer hunting outlet like D&DH has allowed itself to become a tool of bias and partisan politics to the point that its less than tolerable to mainstream hunters. I think Schmidt does D&DH a disservice and alienates a large portion of its base by essentially becoming a political hack willing to sell out.
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Re: D&DH showing political bias
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2012, 10:25:59 AM »
Crabtree, are you on Walker's payroll or just admire him so much that you feel the need to post across the www of your love for the man? He can do no wrong in your eyes, by the way your posts read.

Durkin has been preaching patience with Kroll and the team and even defended Kroll during the recent comments regarding communism, public lands, etc. You appear to have such a deep hatred for Durkin and such passion for Walker that you can't think straight.

Check this podcast out for a lot more on this very subject:

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Offline Rancid Crabtree

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Re: D&DH showing political bias
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2012, 05:12:37 AM »
Welcome to the forum. Actually, no, not on his payroll. I just possess great acuity and high levels of common sense and recognize the good works he is doing for the state and am pleased that the tantrum throwers failed miserably. Likewise, I am pleased that he took the initiative to follow through on his word that he would appoint an independent reviewer.

 Originally Posted by true glow vanes "He can do no wrong in your eyes, by the way your posts read."

I reread it and I cant find any such claim so I will assume that is just something you manufactured for theatrics. It seems you are afraid of what Kroll might come up with. At the end of this reply, in an effort to educate you about the qualifications of Dr. Kroll, I have supplied some info you will find enlightening. (Your welcome)

 Originally Posted by true glow vanes  "I agree with DDH and question the value or need for Kroll whose greatest expertise may be in high fences, ranch hunts, selling of straws of sperm to other operations for breeding purposes, leasing, food plots and artificial feeders."

Then you don't know about his works. The deer management program and the population estimating suite of tools is flawed and sportsmen have made their points known. The Governor sought an outside team of PhD wildlife biologists to review Wisconsin?s management plan and to offer suggestions and recommendations on how to improve the situation and address the concerns of one half of Wisconsin?s deer management team because the other half of the deer management team has not been responsive to calls to action. As a local game manager, I share the concerns of the hundreds of thousands of WI game managers that have raised the issues and look forward hearing what WI hunters (wildlife managers) have to say when its made public.

Dr. James C. Kroll

Henry M. Rockwell Chair of Forest Wildlife,

Arthur Temple College of Forestry & Agriculture

Stephen F. Austin State University,

Nacogdoches, Texas

Biographical Sketch

Dr. James C. Kroll, known nationally as ?Dr. Deer,? is a distinguished graduate of both Baylor and Texas A&M Universities. James has been working professionally with whitetails for 40 years. His depth of knowledge has come from working in almost every state and province from Mexico to Canada. He hunts deer, he studies deer, he lives with deer; and, most importantly he loves deer. Over his career, James has published over 300 technical and popular articles, contributed to 35 magazines, appeared on TV programs on Sportsman Channel and four other outdoor networks, winning two awards. James has monthly columns in North American WHITETAIL Magazine and the Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters Magazine. He also has published 8 books (two of which are best-sellers), and contributed to two more. Currently, he is completing a new book with his colleague and research partner, Ben Koerth, entitled: Forage Management for Whitetails, The Dr. Deer System. He also co-founded the Texas Deer Association, which is the fastest growing conservation organization in the Lone Star State. His research is far reaching, including behavior, habitat management, deer biology, genetics, hunting economics and tactics. For the last 36 years, he has been director of the Institute for White-tailed Deer Management & Research at Stephen F. Austin State University. Over the last four decades, Dr. Kroll has taught numerous courses in wildlife biology, management, zoology and research methods. His teaching excellence has been acknowledge many times through awards and recognitions. Significant Institute accomplishments have been:

First work with infrared-triggered cameras.
First research on food plots, including plant protection patents.
Development of common use terms: sanctuaries, travel corridors, staging areas, sign posts, funneling features, etc.
Landscaping techniques for whitetails.
Developed production level semen collection and AI techniques for whitetails used in genetics studies.
First development of operational DNA markers for parent certification.
Electric fence technologies for whitetails.
Intensive management strategies for whitetails.

During the last nine seasons, James has been a co-star of the award-winning TV program, North American WHITETAIL Television; where he appears each week in a special segment, ?Dr. Deer?s Whitetail World.? James now co-stars with North American Whitetail executive editor Gordon Whittington in a new show, ?Winchester presents Dr. Deer? on the Sportsman Channel, now in its second season. Along with Ben Koerth, Kroll is finishing up a 14-year, landmark study on antler development in free-ranging deer, results of which were recently published in the Journal of Wildlife Management. This work also led to a new DVD entitled, Antlers, coproduced by NAWT magazine and Intermedia Outdoors. He is married to Susie, and has two children: Cody, a sculptor in New York and Sydney, a Doctor of Psychology at the Veterans Administration. He is a Distinguished Graduate of Texas A&M University, a distinguished alumnus of Baylor University and Waco Independent School District; was recently elected to the

Muy Grande Hall of Fame, Nacogdoches County Agricultural Pioneer and currently occupies the Henry M. Rockwell Chair in Forest Wildlife at Stephen F. Austin State University, Arthur Temple
College of Forestry & Agriculture.

Academic Summary

Ph.D. 1973 Texas A&M University (Distinguished Graduate)

M.S. 1970 Baylor University

B.S. 1969 Baylor University

Professional Experience

2008-Present: Henry M. Rockwell Chair in Forest Wildlife Management

2004-2008: Director, Columbia Regional Geospatial Service Center.

2006-Present Co-Director with Dr. David Creech, Pineywoods Native Plant Center

1997-2008: Director, Forest Resources Institute, College of Forestry,

Stephen F. Austin State University.

1981-present: Professor of Forest Wildlife and Director, Institute for White-tailed Deer Management and Research, College of Forestry, Stephen F. Austin State University. Now teach courses in wildlife habitat management, wildlife management techniques, wildlife ecology, land management planning, white-tailed deer ecology and management, introduction to forestry, and research methods. Also, direct a large on-going research project in whitetailed deer biology.

1975-present: Director, Institute for White-tailed Deer Management and Research, College of Forestry, Stephen F. Austin State University. Directs large research and management institute with one million dollar budget. Nationally known for excellence in research in deer biology, management and economics.

1973-1981: Assistant and Associate Professor of Forest Wildlife, School of Forestry, Stephen F. Austin State University. Taught the following courses: wildlife management techniques, wildlife habitat management, natural history, advanced wildlife ecology and population dynamics, research methods, nongame management and wildlife photography. When I came to SFASU, the wildlife curriculum consisted of two courses taught on a part-time basis by U.S. Forest Service personnel. I developed the curriculum to eight courses relating directly to wildlife, and organized the Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society.

1972 Assistant Professor of Biology, Salem College, West Virginia. Taught undergraduate courses in the following: comparative anatomy, physiology, evolution, physiological ecology, histology and desert ecology.

1971 Laboratory instructor in ecology, herpetology and ichthyology, Texas A&M University. Taught laboratories to undergraduate majors in wildlife and fisheries. Also, worked with students in field ecological studies. Immediate supervisors: Drs. J. R. Dixon, R. J. Baldauf and D. R. Clark Jr.

1970 Instructor in Zoology, McLennan Community College. Taught freshman zoology at junior college level.

1970 Instructor in herpetology and taxidermy, Strecker Museum. Taught introductory courses in herpetology and taxidermy to elementary aged children. Immediate supervisor: Dr. Bryce C. Brown.

1970 Laboratory instructor for anatomy and physiology, Baylor
University. Taught human anatomy and physiology to
nursing students. Immediate supervisor: Dr. Eugene

1968 Laboratory assistant in zoology, Baylor University. Taught
laboratories in introductory zoology. Immediate
supervisor: Dr. J. F. Watkins II.

1967 Research assistant in predator-prey studies, Baylor
University. Conducted research on the predator-prey
interactions of blind snakes and army ants. Immediate
supervisor: Dr. J. F. Watkins II.
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