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Author Topic: Portable camping water heater  (Read 10043 times)

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Portable camping water heater
« on: August 09, 2007, 10:59:18 AM »
I decided to make a portable charcoal (of wood coal from a fire) camp water heater. It is made from an old plastic five gallon bucket and some plumbing fittings. The heater coil is made from soft copper water pipe that I wound around small log and the enclosed in an old coffee can. The bottom of the can is cut out and replaced with wire mesh to let air in and ashes out. because we always have a campfire going, we have a ready supply of hot coals. The funnel for adding additional water (or snow) is a long transmission fluid funnel so that the new cold water is added to the bottom of the bucket. The spigot is located just below center as the coldest water will be at the bottom and the hottest water at the top. The compression fittings allow the coal basket to be removed and placed inside the empty bucket for storage and transport. I find that the heat shield is not really necessary and I could trim a bit off the ends of the copper tubing to bring the coal basket closer to the bucket. I hang it from a lashed tripod but it also sits nicely on the edge of a picnic table. This device will boil water if it is used in the summer time. Adding a section of hose and a shower head also makes for a portable camp shower but you would need to hang it higher.

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